Fall in love with Heart’s Choice’s new look!

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve added a whole bouquet of new options to our iPhone/iPad app and to our Android app, to help you find stories with exactly the features you’re looking for. 

  • An expanded chili-pepper scale gives more detail about every game’s spice level, starting with a mild and sweet 1-pepper and going all the way up to extra-hot 5-pepper erotica.
  • New search features let you filter by spice level, player-character gender, and romance-option gender.
  • “Similar to” suggestions help you find more games just like the ones you already love!

It’s easier than ever to find your Happily Ever After in Heart’s Choice!


I love it! I like the expanded heat scale - it always felt strange to have AWPW on the same heat level as… well, any of the others :sweat_smile:


1-5 rating of red peppers makes more sense.


I’m all up for more customization! Now with more detailed content warnings and romance nuance levels!

Now if we could have a link to Heart’s Choice from the main CoG website, that will be even better!


RIGHT!?!?!? I have no idea why it doesn’t have a tab like Choice and Hosted. Not having it makes Heart’s Choice feel like the dirty little secret of CoG.


I’m glad the look of HC is finally in line with CoG and HG. Maybe getting a tab is next/in progress? With the more uniform look, there’s even less reason than before to not connect it to the other two as an additional CoGLLC site. If the concern is underage players, there are things that can be done about that without making the of age readership feel like CoGLLC thinks we’re doing something wrong by enjoying the output they give us at HC.


If I were to hazard a guess I would say it’s to separate payment processing for erotic content as its more likely for payment processors to pull support for adult content. That way if the payment processor pulls support it doesn’t endanger the main business. I don’t think it’s trying to stop minor from playing them (though I’m sure they aren’t encouraging minors) because there isn’t even an age gate of any kind on the Heart’s Choice website.


I love the new look! And the additional chili pepper rating is great! I hope that will help players find the level of spice they like and have realistic expectations for each game.

Their Majesties’ Pleasure received an update last week, and though I hadn’t intended on timing it with Valentine’s Day, that worked out well. Players will find additional details and descriptions, with a more dramatic intro for the PC and a few extra choices woven into the first few chapters. I’ve posted more details in the TMP thread.

:sparkling_heart: :crossed_swords: :sparkling_heart:

I do think this was the concern originally, and I agree, there could be ways around that. I did mention it to my editor the other day so perhaps the team will review that policy.

It’s nice seeing the shiny new app look and the love being shown to Heart’s Choice. When I reached out to write for HC a couple of years ago, there were only really a handful of games, and though I enjoyed many of those, it’s fun to see the collection of titles expand. I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming HC games. Maybe we’ll see an update on that thread soon. (I have no idea if we will, just hoping.)


In other words, we need more well-written and engaging erotica. And also more male MC/gay ones.
I’ve been waiting for more IFs along the vein of AWPW. Maybe one day…


I love the new look and new sorting options! Matching the look of the CoG and HG apps gives the feeling that Heart’s Choice has truly come into its own.

That said, I would love to see them add a “Play As Asexual” category, as well as a “Romance Optional” category for games that can be played all the way through without romantic involvement. And how about an option to organize games in the search menu by spice level?


Great to see Hearts Choice looking as professional as the main apps and be able to see specifics more easily, I agree the new five spice system is a lot more nuanced.

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Love the new look. HC devs always trying to innovate and make the app better than ever :sunglasses:

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I’m so thankful for the gender filters. I don’t have to go in blindly and hope my character’s a straight male.

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