Their Majesties' Pleasure—Revel with royals, rogues, and Fae!

Their Majesties’ Pleasure UPDATE!

Their Majesties’ Pleasure received an update last week. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, as I realized after it was released that I probably made the tests too easy. As I went back in to fiddle with code, I also added extra details to the content.

What you can expect in the updated game:

  • Additional details and descriptions (these are subtle but I hope you’ll enjoy them).
  • A more dramatic intro for the PC.
  • A couple of extra choices woven into the first few chapters.
  • More clarity that Prince Julian is not serious about Mia.
  • Slightly more challenging tests at the end.

Regarding the testing thresholds: I feel like I initially made the game too easy, which meant players missed out on what I feel are some of the more interesting things that happen toward the end of the game. It’s a tricky balance making the tests easy enough for a player to achieve their goals but challenging enough that the other paths still get found. For those who enjoy time with the Fae, there’s an ending option to fight on the side of the Fae against the kingdom’s troops which is one of my favorite scenes in the game, and I think it was mostly hidden by the too-easy testing choices, as were a few other scenes.

I hope I’ve found a happy place where the game offers enough challenge and also plenty of enjoyment. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!

Thank you to everyone who has played TMP! :sparkling_heart: :crossed_swords: :sparkling_heart: