"If It Please the Court" —Seduce and surveil as a sexy royal spy!

Seduce and surveil as a sexy royal spy! Gather intel, or gamble on love in 18th-century Versailles. Who will catch your eye: a spymistress, a poet, or a traitor to the king?

If It Please the Court is a 242,000 word interactive lesbian romance novel by @SixFeetZen, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You’ve been recruited from the slums of Paris into the Secret du Roi, Louis XV’s league of covert emissaries and spies. As a spy for the court, you now have the power to change your life–and tip an unstable country toward transformation.

It’s one thing to lie for a living, but your love life demands honesty. And women all over Versailles are ready to lure your heart. Will it be the spymistress with a lifetime of secrets, the poet languishing in the shadow of the queen, or the double agent haunting your every move? No matter who you pursue, you’ll have to survive a rival’s hostile ambitions, and see that the Crown doesn’t crush yours.

Love and loyalty is all that will be left when this house of cards falls. Who will you protect to ensure a better future, and who will you sacrifice? When your mask falls away, will anyone trust the person underneath?

• Play as female or nonbinary, as cis or trans.
• Experience sapphic romance in the 1700s: play as lesbian, bi, and/or asexual.
• Generalize or specialize: hone your senses, master disguise, pen the finest letters, wield a duelist’s blade, and woo with a silver tongue.
• Empower the crown, subvert the king, or betray France to its enemies.
• Reunite your family, expose your father’s past, or sever all ties.
• Take a slow burn path for romance or cut to the chase with seduction.
• Stir a revolution among the citizenry, or fall in with the nobles.


I’m sorry to say but it’s not available. I searched on play store. Checked choice of games whole directory. Google the name and also searched on steam. It’s not there at the moment

Heart’s Choice games are not available as individual apps.

The game is:

Live on our website here
Live on Steam here
Live on Google Play here
Live on App Store here
Live on Amazon Kindle here

When you visit the game’s page on our website, those links are always at the bottom of the game’s opening page.

There are a few countries where our games are generally not available on the Google Play Store: China, Philippines, and South Korea.


It’s out! I’m so excited for this release- I feel like I’ve waited forever for this one.


No offense meant at all, but if the game says it’s a lesbian story, why does the cover art look like 3 men?


Interesting! Doesn’t read as three men to me at all.

It comes across fairly clearly to me that the art depicts from left to right, a cis man (meant to represent the character Apollon) a femme character (meant to represent the PC), and a cis woman (the character Charlotte.)


Ah, I was wondering who the blonde one was! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I guess I was expecting the cover to focus more on the ROs rather than Apollon.

Instant buy from me (I just can’t resist all things historical, naturally :heart:). I remember playing this one while it was a WIP, but I’ve forgotten most of the plot by now so I’m looking forward to re-immerse myself in all that espionage-y intrigue-y goodness :eyes: :female_detective:


low-key I assumed that was Katherina cause it’s a reddish blonde

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The cover image has to be referencing this photo:

For that alone, I’d be interested in trying the story…


Ding ding ding!


I can’t believe it took me until today to realize this

One dude, 2 women is what I’m seein’… :thinking:

Remy approaches, a devilish smile on her face :smiling_imp:

Yes, Remy, the story is ready. And so are you, apparently… :roll_eyes:

Anyone know how to increase romance with Genevieve? I’m at 0% :sob:

Hey, I believe there’s a glitch at the point when you are looking for a strategy into the ball. There is an option to ask Katharina for help, but if you select it, it leads you to accompanying Charlotte instead. Checked it twice with the same result.

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mine was stuck at 40 so I guess it IS possible to increase it by just romancing her lol

Was greatly enjoying the story, but uhh, that ending felt like it whalloped me out of nowhere.

Im happily in love with Charlotte, she says she cant imagine living without me, supported her all the way, never once lied to her.

Then we’re in epilogue territory and everythings going great then BLAM! YOU’RE A TRAITOR! Also Charlotte dont give a what about me anymore and for some reason Katharina is willing to go traitor for me even though I only interacted with her a couple times and I simply said we could be allies of convenience.

There’s really no indication of what triggered that considering the only things she disagreed with I was totally honest with her about and she didn’t seem to mind too overly much.

Also like, poor Genevieve got absolutely dunked on for some reason at the end?

Dunno. I really loved everything up to the epilogue, but I dunno if its a bug or what but everythin that happened after felt ridiculously separated from what had happened in the actual story.


I’m so excited to play it! :heart_eyes:

I had exactly the same thing. I’m assuming it’s a bug because it makes no sense at all. It would be a shame if this led to bad reviews. Is there an official thread to post bug reports for released games? I’ve not been able to find one.

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Yeah the fact it just seems to come out of nowhere is what makes me think a variable is mixed up somewhere.

Tbh the lower rating is a real danger because i almost instinctively gave the game a lower rating exactly because of this, but decided to give it a bit first because it had to be a bug and clearly not intended.

None of the epilogue stuff seemed connected to anything that happened and thats really really rough because the epilogue is the last thing you see before the game asks you to rate it. A bad ending sticks with you more than a great middle ever will.

Hope it gets fixed soon if it is a bug



If you found bugs and such, you could email it to