Is erotic fiction allowed to be made with Choice script?

Just super curious :thinking::sweat_smile:

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There’s an adult readers group that you could join. I don’t totally get how the details work though.

If I understand it, it’s basically what you’re talking about, though the amount of people in that group is rather low compared to the amount of users outside of it.

Edit: But to be clear. Not under the base rules of what is appropriate for public threads and the like.

Heart’s Choice is in development but I don’t think there will be a HG equivalent.

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Ah, i see.

To some extent, at least. My newest HG, The Magician’s Burden, contains probably the most detailed sex scenes in the CoG library and it was approved. There’s obviously a limit to what you can get away with, but it seems like erotica is allowed.


Come to think of it, I remember Morey Town had some pretty explicit scenes in it that were rather detailed.

So there is definitely some games that have scenes. But yeah. There is clearly a point to how much and how often is acceptable before it may as well as just be summarized as porn.

Morey Town? Not at all. It’s an grown up IF that simply happens to have grown up situations.

Those romance novels my grandmother reads? Those are porn.


With regards to publishing:


Just wanted to add something here… Yes. You are absolutely, 100% allowed to use choicescript to make erotic fiction. You can write it, share it with people, you could probably even publish it for free on platforms like dashingdon (I might be wrong, but I’m not aware of any rules they have against it.)

Obviously though, depending on just how explicit it is, you wouldn’t be able to get the game published under the CoG or HG labels.


Let’s get CHYOA© in the building!

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My upcoming CoG, Werewolves: Haven Rising, has a few very explicit sex scenes as well as some less explicit ones. Beta testers seemed to like them :slight_smile:


Samurai of Hyuga book 3, has quite the explicit scenes e.g with Toshi, with that in mind I would guess that a certain tolerance is in existence

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