What type genre can I (with description) write

What type of Genre does choice of games allow you to create

They’re pretty open about what they’ll let you do. A basic rule of thumb would be if it’s ok for a 12 year old to play, then you’re A-ok. You can still do stuff beyond that, such as things with swearing and gore, but then you start getting into territory where the readers themselves might not be as ok with it. Mind you, there are WIP’s right now that have both of those and are fantastic, but it’s trickier to manage. Now, going even further than that, you get things like erotic content or say you wanted for some reason to make a game where you’re Hitler killing the Jews, those kind of things would just be unpublishable.

totally understood, thanks!

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Choice of Games is all about diversity of genre. If you can write it, if you can think it up, then they’ll publish it. Where else can you see games about magical schools, super-heroes and spaceships and battleships, being published alongside those that let you be a fireman, an estate agent, a lawyer to the supernatural, an archaeologist, a movie producer and a rock star?

For Hosted Games in particular you’re free to write whatever you want to.

The main limits aren’t Choice of Games but instead what the app stores will publish. There’s been a couple of games rejected in the past for various reasons. I believe Choice of Games does still publish them on other platforms.

Games with erotic content aren’t actually unpublishable. I’d suspect there would be issues with games that claim to have erotic content but are also extremely misogynistic, but I’m unaware of any erotic games being submitted to Choice of Games yet. So who knows?


Thank you so much for you answer!