Question about content rules and restrictions


Hi, i’m currently working my first project, and I wanted to clarify something I was unsure about.

I’m mainly making this to learn/have fun, and so a small group of my friends can play something interesting. However, my group of friends (myself included) are drawn to interactive stories like these that include mature content

I’m planning to submit my story to possibly be hosted by ChoiceOf when it’s all finished, but I know that explicit material isn’t allowed in general use. My initial idea was to create more mature scenes that appealed to my friends, but hide them away inside the game, making sure they wouldn’t appear unless very specific criteria were met that only people I specifically told would be able to find.

My actual question is, is that kind of action acceptable? Or will the fact that any explicit scenes exist at all prevent it from being considered regardless of whether or not they can be accessed?

This seems like an obvious question, but I felt like I should just ask it plain and simple. I’m still new here and don’t want to do something stupid


You should be aware that people will be able to read your code with minimal effort, and so will be able to read the scene and/or learn how to reach the scene–something to keep in mind. You can’t really tuck a scene away if someone wants to look for it.


Not only that, G-Play or AppStore will check the content of your story to rate it. Eventhough you bury those adult scenes choices upon choices, your work will be rated to the appropiate age.


Thank you for the details, i’m still learning about coding and to be honest, I hadn’t even thought about Google’s policies, only the forum

I’m glad I decided to ask