Question about adult stuff


I know there is an adult section you can apply to, but I do not intend to write full adult stories.
Basically I have a story on Wattpad which I’m having troubles to go on with and this site just feels like it would help me get motivated, I have barely touched any sort of coding before and I managed to make something looking like a combat system which I am proud of!

So, the story would take place in the medieval era (to be original /sarcasm) and despite the war oriented nature of the story line it has some lovey dovey parts.
Two scenes in particular worry me, the female MC in one of them has her chest exposed then joins a powerful man in his room, that part is only mentionned but the chest part in the story has a bit of details in it. The other scene is less explicit so if the other one makes it that one would too.

So basically my question is; how much is too much? If you can only judge with the actual text I will not post it in here to avoid troubles but could PM it to someone who can tell me if it’s a yay or a nay.


Hmm hmm. I believe this site’s adult section is dedicated to stories with “adult things” as its focus.

Besides, most CoG/HG stories have this lovey-dovey part (with certain degree of adultery) that I don’t think you’ll fit all of them into adult-only section.


That does make sense, I am just worried since it seems to be a new section and new stories/games might be judged more harshly in that respect if that makes sense? I just want to make sure I won’t have to back track and rewrite 3 days worth of scenes! lol


If you are looking into publishing this piece, you need to consider the guidelines for the different marketplaces (Steam, Google, etc.)

However, if you are just looking for a creative outlet, you can have a choice at the beginning of the game (or where relevant) that sections out the mature content.

If the content is crucial to the story, then the forum will mandate that people under a certain age (I forgot the number) can’t comment on the forum.

The ChoiceScript community is once of the best in regards to fair judgment and constructive criticism. That said, if you don’t want to receive feedback, perhaps posting the story only isn’t the best option.


Oh no, I meant if I try to get it published it may get a rating I didn’t want as I would aim for the general public. I guess I could try to submit a demo when I’m at this stage and see what kind of answer I would get back.


Context, context, context. If you want to email me an excerpt (Rachel at choice of games) I can tell you, but without seeing it’s impossible to tell.