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Hello! My dream for years now has been to be a novelist, and I couldn’t really find this anywhere else so I thought I’d just ask. Would romance and some adult (erotic) scenes be okay to include in a game/story?


It’s fine. Keep in mind that – depends on the eroticness level – your game will be rated higher (closer to mature/adult rating) which will have certain limitation in publishment. Not sure for its book equivalent, though.

Yes! In The Magician’s Burden, I have lots of romance scenes and some erotic scenes that would be considered mature. That said, they’re still only somewhat detailed. I’d imagine that very detailed erotica might have problems getting published on Apple, for example.

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Depending on your erotic scenes, you might be better publishing under the upcoming Heart’s Choice label - where erotica is going to be published for this company.

To figure out how far you can go under the HG label, take a look at Affairs of the Court: Choices of Romance title. If it is often more explicit than this title, I’d look into making a HC title instead of a Hosted Games title,

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Will Heart’s Choice publish user-made games anyway? Aren’t writers selected by a process similar to that for Choice of Games writers?

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Yeah, that’s basically an official erotica label, so it wouldn’t be available to HG authors, I think.

What I want to write isn’t all erotica, but I was hoping to have that as an option in my story given some adult themes. Would nudity be fine given I won’t have art drawn for it?

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So, here’s the thing, we don’t know exactly what we’d do with Hosted Games that contain erotica at this point. We’ve discussed it, and—assuming it otherwise is acceptable by Hosted Games’ standards—would see if it’s accepted on the various stores and what not, but since we’ve never submitted erotica to Android, we don’t know for sure how they’d react. (I can tell you, however, that it’s likely HG’s with erotica will probably not be publishable on iOS.)

Currently I recommend, if erotica is not central to your game, to write your game with the option to turn erotica off. (That way, at the very least, it can be configured as necessary.)

I think it would be reasonable to write adult scenes that allude to the idea, but to describe it in detail as per erotica might run afoul of the large publishing platforms like android or apple, and give your work the mature rating.

I think nudity is fine, but again I think a lot of it comes down to how tastefully done it is! There’s a reason why nude portraits are considered art while pornography is not heh.