Should Story's be more vulgar


From what COG games I’ve played Broadside,Dragon,that high school one and Choice of Robots. my favorite part of each one was the romance. And all you really do is Kiss. I know there’s the choice of romance story but from what I read about the reviews is that you cant choose your sexuality. and as a LGBT member it bothers me more than I should I admit. I’m just looking for feedback and the such


Whether you’re talking about sexuality, language, violence, or whatever, it come down to whether you can do it tastefully and if it matters to the story and doesn’t exist for its own purpose. If you wanted to explore a more intimate romantic scene in your game, that’s fine, but you would need to ask yourself, does this scene matter to the story? Does it drive the plot forward, or am I just trying fit a piece into a puzzle that it doesn’t belong to?


Choice of Romance actually DOES let you choose your sexuality. You can’t be bisexual (unfortunately), but same-sex relationships are very possible.


Vulgar is not the word you’re looking for. I was wondering if you meant should they be more explicit, although that doesn’t fit either.

In all of the official choice games, if there’s a romance option available then there’s always a choice of it being either opposite-sex or same-sex.

Choice of Romance does let you play as gay, straight or bi. If you want to romance love interests of opposite genders in the same playthrough then pick to flirt with women at the start. The third game has two characters who’re male, that you can marry, regardless of whether you initially chose to flirt with women or men. (Admittedly one is most certainly not a romance.) If you initially choose to flirt with the men though there’s no opportunities to romance any women.


Choice of Vampire has two romantic options, one of each gender. You can have a relationship with one, both or neither regardless of your character’s gender. I think the physical descriptions go a fair way beyond kissing, too. The relationships don’t carry over into the sequel, but the first part is free.


I think the subject line is a little confusing - I thought this was going to be about whether or not there should be more obscenities used in CoG games.

As for the actual topic…

Off the top of my head, the PC can have sex in Choice of Robots, Choice of the Deathless, and Heroes Rise, plus probably others that I’m forgetting.

It’s not very detailed sex, but that’s not a part of the game where I need direct control over my PC, unless there’s something plot-relevant going on at the time.

To quote Tracy Hickman on the subject (from The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles):

I often have referred to this type of scene as a “boot scene”. A “boot scene” is when you are watching Captain Kirk fall into the arms of a magnificent alien goddess, the music swells - then we cut away to McCoy and Spock batting some plot point back and forth in between them, and by the time we cut back - well, Kirk is putting on his boots.

Now there’s nothing particularly suggestive about Kirk’s boots per se, but we all know what actually happened (even if, being an alien goddess, we aren’t exactly sure how it happened- but we’ll let that pass). The point is that I believe sex is best conveyed in a story or film through such a “boot scene”. The actual details of who put what hand where and whether anything “pulsed” or “throbbed” does not give us any particularly deeper understanding of the characters. Besides, sex is one of those things that loses almost everything when it is reduced to words on a page or pictures on the screen. For sex in stories, give me a good “boot scene” every time.

Personally, I disagree with Hickman’s suggestion that all sex scenes should be boot scenes. But I prefer boot scenes over detailed sex scenes unless there’s character development or plot in the sex scene.

And putting character development or plot into a sex scene is tricky. It can be done, and done very well - but when it’s done badly, it’s laughably horrible.


I do believe their should be some games that are, more explicit, than the current standard. And I also feel that people keep trying this in the past ,but the wips usually die off from what i understand.
To anyone considering makeing a game explicit or vulgar, please do it tastefully and dont just throw on buckets of blood and sex for no reason.


Agreed, “vulgar” isn’t the right word. Should they “contain more adult content” might be a better way to say it - or maybe just “why don’t more COGs/HGs contain sex”?

If you want to sell a game on the App Store, it can’t contain explicit sex scenes. It can contain sexual content and references, but any actual scenes have to be of the “fade to black” variety. There are games with that kind of content, but they have to be sold elsewhere or hosted for free.

I am trying to find the line in my own WIP where I can include erotic, evocative content for certain paths, without getting too explicit for the App Store. I go back and forth between not saying what I mean, and being too blatant. It’s a challenge.