Upcoming Heart's Choice Releases


Heart’s Choice Games are LARGELY GENDERLOCKED. There are reasons for this. This is not the time, place, or forum topic to discuss the wisdom or fairness of genderlocking. We would publish a game genderlocked to male romancing women, but we have not yet received a pitch for such a game from an author.

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Gender and Sexuality Key
gv: gender variable. PC any gender, romances options of multiple genders. Sometimes genderflip, sometimes player chooses NPC gender, sometimes NPC gender is predetermined. In any case, a gender of the player’s preferred sexuality will be available.
m/m: PC male, romancing males
f/f: PC female, romancing females
f/m: PC female, romancing males
f/gv: PC female, romancing any gender
f-nb/f: PC female or nonbinary femme, romancing females

Heat Levels
:hot_pepper: Sweet romance.
:hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: Spicy romance.
:hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: Explicitly sexual romance.

Jazz Age by Nicola R. White: gv. Released Dec 2. Choose PC’s gender, romance men or women. Find love, excitement, and adventure on the streets and in the speakeasies of 1920s New York. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

Dawnfall by @RoAnnaSylver: gv. Released Dec 2. Choose PC’s gender; love interests of multiple genders. Join the crew of the Dawnfall, a spaceship crewed by humans and aliens, and powered by the rhythm of the universe. The worlds are balanced, until one day, an explosive disaster, a deadly energy storm, and an infamous pirate upend your life. Navigate your own course, find love with humans and aliens, and hope you can weather the storms. :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:

All World Pro Wrestling by David Monster and @JimD: m/m. Released Dec 2. As a trainee in Professional Wrestling Federation…you’re ready to take on all comers. Training includes sparring, matches in the ring against the other trainees, tag team competitions, a battle royal, and antics in the showers and locker room.:hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

A Pirate’s Pleasure by Lisa Fox: f/m. Released Dec 2. Sail the Caribbean as a pirate captain in search of treasure and love. Will you woo your rival captain, his quartermaster, or the upstanding governor of the island? Wage battles on sea and land, manage your crew, defend the freedom of the seas - and possibly, get very very rich. :hot_pepper:

A Player’s Heart by Melissa Scott: f/f. Released February 13th. You are a rising member of the Opera Company in the glittering city of Tristendesande. The Opera’s leaders are determined to stay above the city’s tangled politics, but in the hothouse of the theater, love and politics are always intertwined. Court the woman of your dreams while defending the Opera and the city’s freedoms.:hot_pepper:

Never Date Werewolves by Rebecca Zahabi: f/gv. Beta, released April 16th. They call Lyon the City of Light, but as far as you’re aware, it’s more the City of Werewolves. So when you said you wanted kids, you didn’t quite realize what you were signing up for: a litter of six kids who could turn into cubs when they got upset. And you weren’t expecting your ex to do a runner and leave you hanging! And amongst school projects, shrieking children and mysterious neighbors, you might even look for – and find – true love. :hot_pepper:

Games listed here are in progress, and we do not have any good estimate yet of when they will be released, or their final determination of “heat level.”

Souls Unguarded by @NissaCam: m/m. In progress. You have a secret: you can converse with the souls of the dead. Under the iron rule of the Ascendancy, that truth would cost your freedom if you ever let it slip. You’ve even landed a job assisting a professor and anatomist at the Grand Lyceum. Just one problem: the cadavers, who aren’t generally expected to be chatty. Now your secret is a hairsbreadth from being revealed, the tall, dark professor is hiding something from you, and to complicate matters more, you can’t seem to keep him out of your thoughts. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper: Add to your Steam Wishlist here!

If It Pleases the Court by D. Chaudron: f-nb/f. In progress. The year is 1744. Louis XV’s mistress has died mysteriously, and he stands with little influence in the face of the court. In order to reclaim the mantle of his father, the Secret du Roi was founded, placing a cadre of spies and diplomats under his control. As a member of this cadre, whether through duels, investigation, or seduction, you must weave a tight web around the court itself, all while guarding your own heart. What happens when a spy falls in love?

Demons and Decorum by Laura Austin: f/gv. In progress. Choose romances with women, men, and nonbinary persons. In the wake of a series of demon attacks in London, you are sent to stay with your relations in far-off Fossfeld county. But as you settle deeper into society, you discover a mounting demonic presence in the town. What’s a young woman in possession of little fortune to do when faced with battling the forces of hell while trying to find a romantic match?

Shadow Heart by Laralyn McWilliams: f/m. In progress. Dive into the heart of the unknown as a reporter assigned to cover a ghost-hunting investigation. Discover the secrets of the abandoned–and haunted?–hospital, your own past, and your own heart.

Untitled Hockey Game by Kate Montgomery: m/m. In progress. You’re a rising star on the US Olympic hockey team, and things are heating up on and off the ice. Deal with doping scandals, rivalries with the Russian team, and your growing feelings for your fellow players as you go for gold!

Warrior’s Shot by @FayI : gv. In progress. Choose PC’s gender; choose love interests’ genders. Battle for your life and freedom as a gladiator, imprisoned by magic and a mighty empire’s power. Will you fight for glory, for revolution, for survival–or for the love of one of your fellow warriors?