Heart's Choice is Coming Dec 2nd

All Pro Wrestling was a fun read. Some stats were a honestly funny. I might have to read up on wrestling because I don’t know why boot size is relevant. (No correlation to the shoe size in men stereotype since the game actually asks the mc’s other size too lol)


I tried all the demos, and I’m looking forward to the release. The gay wrestling was probably my least favourite, but, you know, I’m a gay woman so obviously my interest is biased.

Definitely looking forward to Dawnfall - the Ghost Queen has already captured my heart. (What can I say, she’s tall and muscular and I am predictable.)


Yay! (…and. Same. I might have written her specifically for stepping-on-me purposes lmao)


(I can see you are a person of culture, as well.)

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Is she the only woman romance? And is she the cyborg ginger from the art cover?

Based from the pinned thread

I’m a bit confused to be honest.

Edit: @Urban Oh wait…we’re talking about Dawnfall. My apologies!

Play as male, female, nonbinary, or agender; gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, or aromantic
Play as monogamous or polyamorous-

Yes she is.

Yay! I’m so excited for this new imprint for the CoG family! I think Choice Script is particularly well-suited to romance because control and consent is built right into the structure of the interaction. The player can pursue the kind of romance story they want to read and pull the breaks or start over at any time.

Also, as the copy editor for Pirate’s Pleasure, I’m particularly excited for its success. I was so impressed with the quality of the writing and could tell that it was a really fun, solid pirate story in its own right. I think it’s worth playing the demo even if you’re not a straight woman. It even seems possible to ignore/decline any romantic options and still succeed.


I had so much playing the demo for pirates pleasure and yes I was so impressed with the writing. I’m so excited for hearts choice especially that story :heart_eyes:


I am flattered to be a witness to the moral and dignified growth of the company! :slight_smile:

What great job this u guys have been doing so far! I fully agree to build another section of games that would satisfy many players’ desire for diversity, as the gaming industry is still predominantly marked by conservatism and perpetuation of oppressive stigmas in relation to other sexualities other than heterosexuality!

Good luck on this new mission! I wish all success to the company! :100:


Congratulations on the coming launch! So far I’ve tried the demo of Jazz Age, and All World Pro Wrestling, and both are excellent! I can’t wait for the release. Though I have found some bugs and inconsistencies in the first two chapters of All World Pro Wrestling as below…

Chapter 1

1. There is a duplicate increase in ranking by 10% after MC plays dirty in the first match against Mandrew because of the location of *label ManSucceed
2. There is no display of stat change in the story for (a), all the four choices about frisking, (b) relationship with Bravon if MC manages or fails to peek at his screen with Agility, and © horniness if MC, as a Jobber, allows his first opponent to continue in the first match.

Chapter 2

1. The trainees are having the party on Saturday night, but the next day is Monday? [Since it’s Saturday night, when the other trainees get here, it could get pretty rowdy…], and [Stan chuckles. “I hope they can perform tomorrow at training. I won’t go easy on any of them.”]
2. The text gives the feeling that the trainees go to the Mansion immediately after the try-outs, but the text also says that a day passes between the try-outs and mansion [I don’t know, but the way he was interacting with the Jersey Boys yesterday…], but no such time pass is mentioned in the text
3. Bravon congratulates MC on the training offer even if MC refused the offer
4. The text says Rory heads off with a spring in his step after MC tells him that he can join Clint alone, but after choosing which trainees to socialise, MC apologises to Rory again.
5. Based on the context, could it be “You wish…” instead of “I wish…”? [Whisper to Mandrew, “I wish there were some ladies in that pool, right?”]
6. If Clint calls dibs on MC, but eventually only Rory joins Clint’s match instead. Later, when MC meets Clint on his way to the party, Clint says ‘Hey, man’! to MC in a casually way as if he had never intended to invite MC in the first place. Shouldn’t Clint at least ask MC where he had been, or Clint just doesn’t care who comes to the match?
7. There is no relationship stat for Sterling in tab “View Relationships” under “Show Stats”

Keep up the good work!


Hi @colonelfair, thanks for posting the things that didn’t look right! Please could you email it to support (at) choiceofgames (dot) com to make sure it goes to the right people?


Thank you for pointing out those inconsistencies. We will get them fixed quickly.


It is only 3 days away. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s out in ios now, omg! Excited to play Dawnfall, Jazz Age and especially AWPW.


Oh yes

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AHHH oh my gosh!!

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It’s out on the playstore too: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heartschoice.o&referrer=utm_medium%3Dweb%26utm_source%3DjazzageGame

My initial feeling is that I’m a bit disappointed that no F/F game got a place among the initial releases, but a game like that will come eventually (only one more month if I can trust the release thread) so until that I try not to be kinda jealous of gay men who get a game actually focused on them right away.
Anyway I’m still looking forward to playing Jazz Age and Dawnfall.


“this item is not available in your country” mygawd.

Unfortunately we can’t release in a few countries at this time. You should still be able to access the games on our website and Steam once we are fully launched, tomorrow.