What type of games do you hope to see in the future?

Besides some heavy heavy games. I’d like to play a Villain here’s two examples of villain games my critique

Diabolical: You don’t exactly have to Play as The Joker but it was clearly written by The Joker. Nothing is taken seriously even if you’re a marine Commander archetype it’s still all a big joke.

Grand Academy for Future Villains: It’s slightly more serious (Which should tell you something about Diabolical) But Classes in being evil and being a Villain because your mom ( or maybe dad I only play female characters if I have the choice)wants you to is … Meh .

I want a game where you actually have motivation to become a villain and different ones. Maybe you were a poor kid whose parents got jailed by a corrupt “justice” system and ran away from a Broken foster system. Now you can become a Villain to avenge your parents, get rich so you never have to suffer again, burn the world to ashes because it’s a terrible world. That’s three potential motivations from one linear back story. An actual writer might be able to figure out how to have multiple back stories.


The sad thing about Diaboical is that I wanted to play as Doctor Doom’ish but sadly that role was clearly already taken. :stuck_out_tongue: So I opted for a Scarecrow type. I remember there was a great WIP where you were playing a former hero who was now secretly a villain… wish I could recall the name but it was looking awesome.

Anyway, I want to see…

  • A Star Trek or Star Wars style open ended kind of game like one of Lucid’s projects. Join one of several side, explore alien worlds, captain a starship as a heroic officer or rugged smuggler etc.
  • A game with a time machine you can actually control and pick where to go (Paradox Factor and T-Rex Time Machine are still decent though).

Not sure what else. A lot of projects this year are already ticking some good boxes.


The upcoming Hosted Game: Fallen Hero: Rebirth: by @malinryden should be of interest to you.


I need some decent romance games that have a nice plot and a diverse cast. I heard there is supposed to be some that had that as the focus so I’m hopeful that maybe I’ll get at leats one I like.

More cooking stuff. I feel kinda bad being the only one doing that


Judging by what I’ve seen on the WIP forum it’s likely going to happen at some point in the future, but I’m hoping to see more authors branch out to lesser known myths to explore story wise and mythological beings for the player to interact with or for the player tone themselves to be in the story.

I love my dwarves, orcs, and dragons as much as the next person, but nothing gets me more excited than getting a chance to see how a writer explores beings like Selkies or the other numerous members of the Fair Folk (besides fairies and elves) and seeing how the these mythological characters explore a writer’s world and interact with both each other and the player character themselves.


I really want games focusing in characters and romance. From what I saw on the WIP, I’ll have a bit of it and I’m very excited. I’m hoping for more hero, like CCH. I’ve see the Fallen hero and since then I’m freaking out to play it.


For anyone wanting romance, my contest entry, The Magician’s Burden, might interest you. Although it has dark fantasy and comedy elements to it, it’s primarily a romance story.


Uuh, I like it. I’m searching for a demo right now

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@Okami-Nora Absolutely. I love it when games explore myth and folk law. Especially if they’ve got out of the ordinary beings/creatures or lesser known stories in them. Selkies are very cool, I wish there were more stories in which they were featured. Have you seen this one? Teeth and Ice

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I took the demo down after I completed the story, but it’s currently in the publishing queue.

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Never heard of Teeth and Ice, but that summary has got me interested; thanks for telling me about it. Also looking forward to having more interactions with the Selkies in the Sea Maiden. :grinning:

I really do love seeing artists of many kind branching out to different folklores and seeing how they weave them into the themes they’re trying to go for, but I do understand why some are a little hesitant about using mythological beings that not too many people are familiar with. It is a bit of a gamble since they won’t have the foundation of familiarity that things like the Greeks Gods or monsters like vampires have on them, meaning they will have to create a good deal of their own foundation by hand. I’ve seen my brother and mother lose interest rather quickly in regards to The Secret of Kelly’s and Song of the Sea mostly due to how unfamiliar they were with both of the movie’s mythological origins.

That said, the potential of the freshness fron such uncommon mystical beings being used and having their unique origins encouraging a writer to explore how they both work with their story’s theme and how they might interact with others are nearly boundless. And if I can think of one medium that could work well at introducing this stuff to some, it’s certainly a choose-your-own-adventure-story.

That sounds like quite a fascinating story, good sir! I can’t wait to get a chance to read it myself. :grin:


Oh, good! I guess I’ll have to wait then

I’m already anxious :weary:


Hmmm… It would be nice if we could have another quality interactive novel featuring the world of Professional Wrestling like "Slammed" , the world and politics of a pro-wrestling world is quite intriguing these days…and it could all made a good story . “Slammed” author was smart to intergrade the wrestling world with pop musical world into one, but granted… not many readers will be interested in pro-wrestling these days :smile:

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What’s wrong with being the clown prince of crime? there’s nothing wrong with being smart AND taking everything as one big joke. But enough of that, moving on to my wish for the future:

I really want more historical fiction( there are quite a bit of those already) but on a grander scale. The majority of historical fiction on here has focused on a character of varying importance( from an aspiring squire to the best friend of Napoleon’s nephew) but none which truly puts you in the seat of someone who governs( Swamp Castle is the closest I’ve seen but it’s more micromanagement than anything)

Imagine being one of the princes( or even the emperor but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) in the Thirty Years War or one of the petty kings in the Hundred Years War.

Now that’s something to look forward to

More gender-locked female games. I think there are none right now in HG.



  • non-american/european settings
  • stuff that’s not power fantasies - like, maybe some slice-of-life stories, or stories about struggling to survive (not that I dislike all stories that can be classified as power fantasies, but they can get tiresome sometimes)
  • cyberpunk settings? i’m not so much interested in the trappings of cyberpunk as in the exploration of the effects of technology on society and stuff
  • “realistic” sci-fi, stories with somewhat realistic portrayals of science and scientists (this is why i liked choice of robots a lot)
  • stories that explicitly address issues of oppression and stuff without using superpowers or magic as a metaphor

Games in Magincia :slight_smile:

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Second these big-time.

One thing I’d like to see more in games is a focus on failure rather than success. Whereas a lot of stories have the character starting from somewhere and going up - learning how to magical powers or building a company/kingdom - what would it be like to start as a character who has had a major setback due to an issue that will stick to them their whole life? Having an injury or disease, for example, that cuts off certain sports or possibilities of work. I’m not creative enough to think of what kind of plot this would allow, but just something emotional and everyday, because a lot of published games/WiPs are escapist, and that’s fine, it’s fun, but when you finish playing something in which you’ve been twirling and running and fighting off monsters, and then you stand up and feel the residual pain from an old injury that never quite went away and has never allowed you to run pain-free again, or whatever physical imperfection one has, it’s jarring.

Another thing would be non-romance stories. I’ve seen a few stories that looked fantastic but then started focusing too much on romance that you kind of lost track of what exactly you’re even meant to do.

And also, just historical or alt-history ones in general, preferably about smaller countries, or non-European ones, or about something controversial :smiley:

Why don’t we have like a “write the story you want to read” challenge? If it works out, wonderful, but even if it fizzles out then a) you’ve grown as a writer and as a person refining your own interests and beliefs, b) it helps other prospective authors know what to avoid and/or incorporate in their future attempts, and c) perhaps it suggests that it’s a really niche interest that the current forum population or even medium might not be able to cater to, so you could look elsewhere.


Man, I wanna see some mercreature games. like… I can’t remember the name of it but you played as a … oh my god forgive i forgot the name of the creature, not a mermaid but kinda like one… like a siren, you suffered like some horrible death and came back as it and you could choose to be good and try to regain your humanity or something or fully go into the role of that creature, you like terrorized these guys on a boat and… yea, it was fun until it stopped being worked on i guess? But yea. I’d LOVE to see more seamonster/creature/people type games. And more romantic games. like the fox of sunhotl and uh… wayhaven Chronicles. are like the two i know of so far that are based around romance. of course the story is important too but yea…

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@nulCat Oh hey! I think you’re talking about one of mine. Thank you :smile: It’s actually not dead in the water, just hibernating at the moment. I actually wrote another 60,000 words on it in November (which hasn’t yet been added to the WIP on the forums) but then decided I needed to stop splitting my time between half a dozen projects. Once Oedipus Rex is submitted (which is likely to be within the next couple of weeks) Abysm’s veil is next WIP off the rank to get finished up :slight_smile: