Choice of the Villain - What Happened?

Was just curious what happened to that game, alongside Choice of the Viking. I wasn’t certain if it was meant to be about a super villain or a James Bond style criminal, but either concept really interested me when I heard the title. So does anyone know what happened to it?

There’s already a couple of topics about this. They’re old though.

It’s possible that Villain has received a name change. There’s two games coming up where you can play a villain.

Would make sense to me if that’s the case, though Killing Time and Demon Lord sound like different sorts of games to the original title. Choice of Gaslight sounds pretty awesome though.

Diabolical is what I was speaking of. I’m not sure if it’s still in beta test but the thread says you play a super villain.

I forgot about it’s Killing Time, since you’re more an assassin hitman than a villain and it is sort of already released.

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I playing Diabolics and it seemed good enought for me i dont know why it is taking two years. when it seemed to need final touches about 2 months ago.should be done by now.

Is that the game where the player is a former member of a hero team with mental abilities who is undertaking a master plan? I did think that game handled the concept of being a conflicted character with super powers well.

That saying if I was making a super villain game the option to choose what sort would be nice. A armoured despotic ruler like Doctor Doom, a scientific business man like Lex Luthor or a crazed symbiotic monster like Venom or Carnage. Same with a villain in a spy story, though I would probably go for a Blofeld or Hugo Drax type villain.

The quote I linked to was a year old. At that point, a year ago, Choice of the Villain had been a WIP for 2 years.

I have no idea if Diabolical was previously Villain. We are not allowed to discuss the specific details of beta-tests in public. But Jason does describe Diabolical as


The trouble with offering that sort of choice is that you don’t always make the better game for it. A game focusing on letting you be something similar to Venom/Carnage would be so different from one that lets you be Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor.

I think in those sort of games it’s better to be more specific and therefore you’ll tell a more compelling story. So, either tell a story about a villain with the base, the minions, the plans to conquer the world, or tell the story of the smaller scale villain that’s going it alone.

Personally I think playing the larger scale villain like Doctor Doom sounds the most exciting to me, planning a masterpiece of villainy from a selection of options, picking an underling and your minion type, where your lair is etc. Though a solo villain with a range of motivations could be interesting too.