What happened to them?


I noticed that Choice of Villain & Choice of Viking were removed from the release list

if they were canceled I would like to know so i’m not looking forward to them & be continuously disappointed whenever the release list updates.


I don’t think they were canceled, I just think they’re estimated to be finished sometime in 2015.


Okay, thanks Samuel, I can deal with that, I have been waiting for Dystopian Taco’s for longer than that lol


No problem! A lot of the time these gamebooks do take years, so I’m just happy when others are released. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Viking has been demoted to a HG. I hope that the author completes it, but there is no timeline.

Villain has been in production for over two years at this point, with no expected completion. So I took it down because there’s no point it teasing people with it.

Dystopian Tacos theoretically owed me revised vignettes two weeks ago.

Choice of the Villain - What Happened?

I remember at one point someone was talking about Choice of the Dragon 2 and Choice of a God. Just rumors right?


Choice of a God?! :open_mouth: $-) 8-> I…MUST…HAVE IT! Oh and CotD2 sounds great as well.


No. Just rumors.


@jasonstevanhill If I may pry, may I ask why you never pursued a sequel to CotD? I know I’ve been itching for another game where I can play as a dragon again. I know there was another game that was going to do something like that, but haven’t heard anything on it in a long while.


I really would have liked a CotD 2. But I always wanted to be a more benevolent dragon overlord who takes the adventurers alive and turns them into loyal friends/minions. :smiley:

Running around in a human disguise for a bit seemed like it’d be cool too.