cov2 cod2 when?

Are they ever gonna make a sequel i’m tired of waiting come on we want new games all this waiting is making me :0& and very I-)

Choice of the Vampire WAS supposed to come out the end of May but Jason hasn’t been on forever so we don’t know the status of it. Whats CoD?

Choice of the Dragon

Oh. I dont think theyre gonna make a CoD 2. Sorry.

Yeah CoD2 would suck

why would a cod2 suck?

I can’t do choice script it won’t work for me

Jason was talking about doing Alpha testing for vampire at the end of May–not the game coming out. I know he’s pretty busy on top of everything else he’s been doing, and is probably a bigger perfectionist than i am. lol I think it’s safe to say we’ll see a Vampire release within the next six months or so–though with writing everything is fluid and changeable.

I’m going to second @WayWalkerLeigh’s comments. Jason has a lot on his plate right now besides CotV2. And given his eye for detail, this isn’t the sort of game that can just be quickly slapped together. It will get released when it’s ready. If you want to see it early, you might want to consider volunteering to be one of the beta-testers when the time comes. He has said that he’s going to need quite a few of them to help him find and fix bugs.

@P_Tigras I’ve considered volunteering for that myself–if there’s one thing i’m good at, it’s tracking branch continuity. :wink: