Any info on Choice of Dragon 2?


Does anybody have Any information on if/when Choice of Dragon is coming out? I love he game an really want to know! Thanks!


I doubt highly the game is getting a sequel, but who knows?


I’d love to see a sequel, too; think it’d be very profitable and well received. Considering Dragon has the most downloads of all CoGs, they could definitely tap into that fan base and make it an extremely successful series.


@jasonstevanhill Has said that Choice of the Dragon 2 is in fact under development, but for various reasons it’s slow going. Here’s the post:


I am sorry to ruin this party, but I think I remember someone from CoG saying they are not planning a sequel.

Edit: Didn’t see fantom’s response untill I posted, but it’s from 2010. They recently said on the forum that they are not going to make a sequel. It’s also possible I mixed things up, but I am pretty sure.


Yeah, no. That post is incorrect, @Fantom. There’s been no development on CoD 2. And we don’t really have any intentions along those lines right now.