Choice of the Vampire 3?

Is the third game being worked on? If this has been asked before, my bad, I just haven’t seen it. I love the two games, and I’m eager to continue my story.


I don’t think you are supposed to ask questions like that…

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I’m pretty sure you’ll know when it appears on the announcement-list-thingy.

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Alas, I’m too busy editing and publishing games, I haven’t had time to work on the new Vampire game.


Alright, my apologies. Thanks for responding.


yeah that’s what i was wondering too! the game is awesome, i just don’t want to wait years in order to continue it… :frowning:


I long for it as well. :heart_eyes:

I have played the other two so many times… :flushed:


It’s okay! :slight_smile: good luck with whatever you’re working on. I shall wait patiently :slight_smile:

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It’s been 2 years just wanted to bump this see if there’s any news on whether on not there will be a CotV 3.


Nope. It has been determined that Super Powers are cooler than Vampires Sotheby’s concept has been abandoned.

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Dont fall into the same trap call of duty did. Definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and over again and over and over and over again and over and over again and over over over over again and again over over over and again and again again again agan agian agai. Raaaah


I thirst for more of this story, it is bleeding me dry, the wait. But I shall sink my fangs in deep and hang in there if it takes two centuries… :smile_cat:


Well, last summer we hired Mary, and last month, we hired Sean. Both of those things are huge helps to me. Maybe I’ll find some time to do some writing. But in the meantime, I’m planning a wedding for myself, trying to get our second cameo auction off the ground, and trying to to work through a backlog of HGs to be released.

But yes, I hope to get back to St. Louis eventually.


Congratulations Jason

Seeing as I’m the one that first started this thread a long time ago, I must apologize again for being impatient. Congratulations, Jason, and please don’t feel rushed to work on this.

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Congratulations, Jason! Weddings are super stressful, so I hope you take plenty of time for yourself and get some time to relax!

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Premature congratulations on the wedding and belated congratulations on the engagement then! :blush:

Success costs a lot, doesn’t it? Here’s to hoping for more of it so you can once more share your vampiric ventures with us all.

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I felt like the second one needed more action. It did not feel like a sequel.

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You know, sequels are always hard to do. Especially in an interactive novel, where you have to give the players a sense of accomplishment and choice, while at the same time keeping the level of variance manageable.

I mean, the goal is to write, what, seven of them? Leading up to present day? How do I keep the game interesting while also continue to let the player’s decisions have meaningful effects?

These are some of the questions that I ponder.

That said, Memphis was difficult conceptually: it’s about the failure of dreams, right? The PC’s efforts to become Senator, and a city on the Mississippi that is supposed to be rejuvenated in the wake of the Civil War, but instead finds itself (literally) hijacked by oligarchs.

It’s also about the PC realizing that there are bigger wheels turning, wheels which the PC doesn’t (yet?) know how to affect. And how can they? Stop a plague? Oppose the will of the Senate? These are big tasks. As opposed to New Orleans and Vicksburg, when the PC was still the equivalent of a child and could do whatever they wanted.

But setting the player up for failure is not satisfying, either. I mean, assuming I do publish at least another two of these things, I think that what’s at stake in Memphis will better come into focus, and when played in concert with all of them, it will be more satisfying. But yes, I recognize your dissatisfaction with it as it stands.

That said, I love getting lost in historical details. I’m spending quite a bit of time on beer and baseball in St. Louis, for example. If getting lost in those details don’t interest you…well, that I can’t help you as much with. :slight_smile:



Even though you’ve explained your reasoning for why Memphis had to go down the way it did quite eloquently, as a player I hope you’ll be slightly more amenable to delve into alternate history next time, as I was left quite saddened that my vampire could really do nothing to make Memphis a better place in the end or provide even a minor speed-bump to the resurgence of the Southern reactionaries (even if it was only in the form of a later student or professor commenting on my vampire’s warnings about those roads or his confrontation with mr. Forrest. Though of course you can still do that if and when the series gets to the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond).

Vampire, Broadsides (and the Vendetta wip) were what first drew me to CoG and ultimately these fine forums.