DARK PRESTIGE - Dark Honour- (WIP)

You remember nothing. Just… Blackness. The terrorist attack did it to you… if you had not been injured… maybe you could recall more than that one thing. That you have people to protect.

In this game you choose between the good and the bad, the black and white of street crime versus the law. But it is never that simple is it? You are trying to cope with your slowly returning memories, and psychologically grappling with the unexplained events that happen around you. All the time.

Under such conditions moral lines blur. Will you seek the safety of the street gangs and their code of honor… or will you continue to put faith in the country that has failed you?

What will happen when a once willing weapon is no longer prepared to be a martyr for the cause? What will occur as you face your past and all the pain within its darkness?

The Gangs or the Law

The victim or the villain

The savior or the sacrifice

In Dark Prestige you will tread the fine line between politics, in gangs or the government

You will negotiate between dangerous allies, and discover the secrets for each scar etched on your skin

And maybe… just maybe… you will survive

I hope you guys like it



Looks good ! Will see what has changed game-wise !

Got an error when viewing the stats:
“Line 32, non-existent variable ‘harsh harsh’”.

As for the story, so far it’s pretty decent. I noticed some small grammatical errors here and there, like some sentences missing quotation marks, but otherwise there were not many problems in that department.

As for the choices, some seemed a bit oddly worded, like “I covered it like a woman” or, “why can’t I See out of my left eye?” and “‘Is A Glass Shard’.”

I like the design of the game (the background, text, etc.). It’s rather unique and I enjoyed it.

I like the idea but it needs a bit more refinement I think generally, but I’ll be checking back to see how this game improves.

Yep at the moment it’s at the editing stage so all that will be gone soon

Update will be up tomorrow guys

Update will be soon

Excellent cant wait!

Dude this is amazing I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time and cannot express how happy I am that a political game is finally being written keep up the good work, and I hope you update soon.

@undead @Beezlebub

Thanks I really appreciate it will be up soon so make sure you watching the thread

When clicking the link I get this error “SyntaxError: missing } after function body” is it because im using a my phone than a pc? Or that’s normal? :-S

At choosing your MC name it ask in “Forename” which is the “first name” of the MC I understood it but wanted to experiment if others would understand it (since I work in a library people come and go, so it no biggie asking random people) 7 people thought “Forename” was a nickname while 3 people understood it as a first name. Just wanted to let you know this since most CoG that I played ask what is your “first name” rather than “Forename”

The question asking for your gender and having the option to answer “I am not quite sure” was funny. :smiley:

I choose my nationality as “Cherry Bombs” I have no clue why I did that. :-))

When you choose “where am i” the doc says “when a car bomb blew up, and unfortunately you was in thef wrong place” thef is supposed to be the right?

If you ask how long you were at the hospital doc says to you “3 weeks” then says you slept for “3 days” so the other days you were already awake then? The start of the game indicates that you just woke-up right? So what happened at the days that you were awake? Maybe just make the MC sleep the whole “3 weeks” then just recently woke-up instead of “3 days”

Doctor Yanosaki name switched to Doctor Kanosaki then back again to Doctor Yanosaki at the scene where you remember a shard. :-/

Overall I liked the game it is intriguing to know what happened to the MC as well as the mystery behind the accident and the shard thingy. Will be sure to wait for this game

Yes sorry about that I have just edited the game so there is no mr kanosaki any more and hopefully no mistakes

Awesome can’t wait to try it.

Be up in a couple of days

You rock JLBH!

I just wanted to point out the mistakes that I have encountered not to discourage you or anything but really to help you improve the game.

I really like your game so keep it up :smiley:

Thanks guys

No problem man!

Any suggestion for the game so I can add them in if I am able to

The game is really great so far, again, the demo is still too short. I love how the MC himself is a bit of a mystery. Keep it up!!

There’s this uncaught syntax error at the start of the game. It doesn’t stop the game, although it would be great if that’s fixed.

@Sandstorm is my dropbox no idea how fixed it but still working at last. So its only a anoying message until I discover how fix that.