90 Days Closed Alphas Needed (mature dark content)

Hey guys,

Please post if your interested in being in a closed beta for a new hopefully original game,

I will soon open an open beta discussion thread soon aswell so don’t worry,

Fairly short at the moment but hope it’s gets you hooked

So just post


In this thread and I will get you sorted

Ps… This will contain dark mature content and a few nasty scenes…


Dark and mature is the only description? I guess I’m interested there are not enough dark stories but will there be a more detailed description?

Could you perhaps elaborate slightly more the genre might make a good addition horror, fantasy, sci fi, ect

I’d be interested in a Sci Fi. Not a horror though they are overdone and I dislike that genre.

Sounds like somthing new so I’m interested

Im the coder its dark SciFi action game.

I agree with @817819 can you tell us a little more info?

Yes! A Dark Sci Fi! I’m most definitely in. :3

You are involved in a live death situation with a psycho doctor and you have 90 days to fix it. Would you give what he wants? Or you have other plans

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Im interested

Count me in.

I’m interested as well :slight_smile:

That kind of sounds like that Paranoia game that they published under Hosted Games.


I’m interested as well.




I’m interested, count me in!