Createx <$> Group's first game

ok guys we need you to help us decide which of these 4 games were gonna work on first.

Time W4rp

You are part of a elite team soldiers called Warp force you have special ecuipment wich you can use to teleport and stop time.
When the earth gets under attack by aliens is the Warp force the planets only hope


Its the year 2067.
You are a general for the current world government, or at least you were till the bastards deemed you useless and gave you to their pet scientists for experimentation, they thought you’d die, but they were wrong, dead wrong, and now its payback, for all that they’ve done to you and your family.

The Dream Experiment

Youve just come back from your first year of college, but when you get home everybody is weird and dreamlike, its up to you to find out what happened and to snap everybody out of it.

The Last Sun

The world is seriously effed up. Due to Nuclear radiation most of humanity has been decimated, and a new race has appeared, its a dog eat dog world in order to survive, and everyone is separated, and your only remaining weapons are the most basic. now how the hell are you gonna get yourself out of this one?

Vote plz.

I vote the dream experiment.


All seem awesome,i love scifi but i vote for the last one,remember me first fallout ciberpunk universe

I like Valkyria and The Dream Experiment, in that order. It’s close, though, all of 'em seem good…

I vote Valkyria!

Time W4rp. The Dream Experiment just seems pretty stupid, no offense.

Cloudian, I hate you >:/

The last sun seems preety interesting.

Yeah, out the lot I think ‘The Last Sun’ could be the most interesting, if done well.

Thanks. Love it when people are honest with me.

Vote for dream experiment or die.

Yay! Three votes for The Last Sun.

Fine the last sun. They just didnt put in the best part about dream experiment

Yeah or Talon wil come and getz you when you sleepz 8-X

Dont doubt me. I will. You will wake up in the realm of where I keep the souls I rip from the body of those who anger me.

wait i got an idea… u guys posted without telling me :-((
i was only off for 2 hour :-((

And you expected us to wait after you logged on just to tell us you were logging off?

Well if we put in the best part we kinda give away the plot, personally I love the idea of The Dream Experiment, but the voting isn’t finished yet and @irule9344 post the idea here in the thread.

@Talon5505 lol ur mean X(