The Last Sun a WIP by Createx <$> Group

Every day is a living nightmare. Due to Nuclear radiation most of humanity has been decimated, and a new race has appeared, its a dog eat dog world in order to survive, and everyone is separated, and your only remaining weapons are the most basic. Now how the hell are you gonna get yourself out of this one?


Or Martyrs way out.

Thats possible but if you do that there wont be a story /:slight_smile:

Even still you have to admit scythes are badass, oh and did I mention he has the DBZ kamehameha mod? :smiley:

Using charisma and sex appeal to be accepted in a comunity, poison them and i get all they food gears and wepons to my people

Is This Survival Basic Or Fighting Basic

The weapons like swords and stuff

sO Its Fighting

Ooh… I prefer a survival one

When will the demo be out?

Do you read freud opinion about the mens obsesion with big weapons? ;:wink: I use conjuration blade to fill soul gems but poison is a female usefull weapon

First off you still have to survive, the world is going thru a condition that I like to call Everwinter, the sky everywhere is completely overcast, letting only a few rays of light push past the dense bulk of the nuclear clouds, because of these clouds temperatures have dropped below -20Farenhiet and it is Everwinter on earth. And wired? The demo will be out in at least I would say 2 weeks if not sooner.

ok we are going to start working on the game very soon

ok the web is ready. i have added all the new updates

@MaraJade that wouldn’t work, at least with you. Mostly due to the fact that anyone with half a brain wouldn’t trust you. :-))

@Cloudian you know me well :p. But in apocaliptic world q poor pretty girl can make the men acept a little of maras company :* In spain we have a say dos tetas tiran mas que dos carretas" search the translation :smiley:

Ouí, ouí @MaraJade

tits pull mas that the carts?

thats an odd ass saying.

Tits can pull more than two cars