The Last Sun a WIP by Createx <$> Group


Damn google translate!!


It means if a woman want to men do something only have to flirt they do everything to … Going to bed


@MaraJade But anyways, In an apocalyptic world, that would be littered with bandits, pretty girls who try to play the part of a two faced snake would get raped and murdered on sight, thats if their lucky, if they are not lucky then there is a number of scenarios that could happen to women in a apocalyptic world: captured by a cult of fanatics that turn women into breeding stock to create more cultists; captured by a rogue military group that turns women into breeding stock so as to create more soldiers; captured by some kind of bandit group that turn women into sex slaves; etc… But you get the point.

Without the order and laws of modern society and all that comes with it, the world would be a horrible, terrifying, dark, terrible place. You think that you understand how bad it would be, but you don’t. People think they could survive and still remain sane but they have no idea. It would literally be hell on earth, just without the actual demons and fire.


Or rather in laymens terms:
Pretty Woman+ Guy who sees her= man will jump through hoops to get some…


Cloudian dont think mara could survive, mara survive all the fallout games, with a high charisma, sneak and mele weapons i can survive this game


@Cloudian you mean… “Only the strong shall surviiiiive!” (*cue “Blow me Away” by Breaking Benjamin)


Can you suvive this game if you had a 9 year old sibling to take care of as well?


What i dont need a sibling? Can mara sell her to raiders?


Oh and did I mention there are two main enemy’s you have to stay wary of? Yknow, the Shadow Runners and The Greys?..


Can i ally two and make destroy themselves?


Ummm ally two? @MaraJade ?


The two main factions, runners and greys


Are they religious fanatics (cultists), raiders, or organized groups that focus on survival?


No you remember I said new races have appeared…?


No@MaraJade, I know you could survive this game along with every other user on here.

But what iam talking about is in a real life scenario of this you wouldn’t survive, many wouldn’t. I can’t wait till the day that humanity has made enough advancement in gaming to create full-on-life-like rpg scenario gaming where the player experiences, sees, and feels everything his/her character experiences/feels. Like: pain, pleasure, mental breakdowns, etc…


Demo date?


Well i dont think i survive cloudian, but i do all the necesary to trying… And if the star trek holografic stuff were real i dont try fallout i go to defeat harry potter


Oh and there’s one more race, they’re called the Homers, all the females are named marge, and they speak Doh!’, lol just kidding, as for demo date bc of time zones n stuff we still need to code it, like I said expect it sometime in the next two weeks.


Lol and k


Ill write an apocalyptic game one day where you have to survive by yourself, or with a group of friends and family, or just a girl/boyfriend, or with a community of people