90 Days -Dark Action Sci Fi Suspence- WIP


*Mature Content*


So I have decided now that I have created a decent demo to let you guys who didn’t get into testing to have a go at the game,

The demo features graphic scenes and strong language.

••••••• Typos will be found •••••••

It is set in the far future on a fictional man made world names Crylise where it is a parallel world to ours but only that earth in this story is said to be abandoned, you are an orphan your parents massacred and you in a void of confusion, artificial warmth from the so called humanoids. Your life on a line from a mysterious figure.

So not wanting to tell you everything I want you to ponder what you think will happened

Thanks a million to MJ who has coded everything for me


Any questions hit me up, want in on testing send me a message




I honestly have no idea what’s going on. We arrive to Crylise, get teleported to our chosen sector and suddenly wake up with a transplant and a debt and no memories? And I don’t understand conscious and kill stats. And why are we on Crylise in the first place?

Right now, I am too confused to give you any feedback. I’m going to have to wait untill you update the demo further.


In some senses I am pleased that you are confused with what is happening, which is what I wanted

The characters you meet along the way will slowly explain to you why and what has happened

  1. Could you at least explain the conscious and kill stats?

  2. My confusion is not only about the story; it’s also about your writing. The man who got brought into the room in the bag and tortured: he got shot twice by the doctor by two different firearms. The way you described this, I thought he died after the first shot. Or were there two men? Or were these two situations and *if commands got messed up? I honestly don’t know. Could you explain this situation to me?

  3. I don’t say this as an insult, but there are some things that heavily annoyed me.

The first thing is the doctor whom we owe money for the transplant. As soon as he spoke, he started being so annoying I wanted to close the demo, but didn’t so I could give you feedback. To me, it seems like you wanted to make him sound mad. I think he’s quite annoying.

The second thing is how you dealt with amnesia. There is nothing wrong with amnesia in games or being confused by it because, like you said, I should be confused and have the story slowly explained to me, since that is the point of amnesia. This is the problem: You should start with us waking up at the doctor’s place without any memories. I was choosing my sector and, suddenly, BAM! amnesia. It was a very unpleasant surprise since I expected to normally continue with the story.

Before even thinking about changing anything about the amnesia part, you should definitely wait for more people to give opinions about it since it is a big part of the game. I might end up being the only one not liking it which is fine.


Kill stat is how easily you find it to kill someone for money or for a job later on in the game

Conscious how much effect your options pick on your consciousness ie killing someone

Opposite to kill stat

  1. I think that could be a coding error

  2. Yes that is the way I want him to be irritating control freak extc

Yup I need to make the prologue more clear to story then it being quite close to chapter 1

In chapter 3 which I am
Writing now you become aware that someone ‘you’ was abducted from
A hospital ie the gown, you will know this through the plot in the next scene

Thank you for your comments


Interesting, very interesting…


@DSeg I am the coder and I’m totally confused about the story too. But thats the intended the doctor would die in poison in my playthrough.


@JLBH I think you should make him less irritating. Right now, he is I-seriously-want-to-close-the-game-the-moment-I-meet-him irritating. And give his character more traits. So far, he hasn’t shown anything other than irritatingness.

@poison_mara I know it is intended, just done in a bad way.



Hope you enjoyed it


Aye aye captain editing through once I completed chapter 3