Dark Prestige-WIP-


Hey guys,

Well this is it my first game, hope you like it

You play the role of a MI6 operative or Gang Member who gets Injured by an terroist attack and you don’t remember who you are, all you remember is your name your age nationality and your cover job,

Gang member
If you later on select gang member the the MI6 are trying to hunt you down and bring you in and all costs l, even hunting down your closet friends to get to you, can you survive and get into cover, while discovering there master plan?

MI6 Operative

If you select MI6 Operative your last mission was to breach an international gang and wipe them out you and your team thought you wiped everyone out, you was wrong half a douzen of the leaders hid in a safe house and are bring back the numbers to kill you even murdering your friends to get to you, will you find the truth to why this gang is formed?

You find love and you have the option to give yourself and maybe help the hand if your an operative or help the MI6 if your a gang member

BIG THANK YOU TO @MARAJADE FOR DOING ALL THE CODING FOR ME, interested in helping or any questions or feedback please post in this thread or personal message me
any mistakes please post
Hope you like the demo thank you



Looks good. Hopefully your next update will make it longer and go more into the story. This demo was pretty short and hopefully it’ll take more than a few minutes to complete next time.

Great start and I’m interested in what comes next :slight_smile:

PS: I’d prefer the traditional font/colourway/theme, but maybe that’s just me.


@JLBH2000 I’m inclined to agree with @Davo… I’m not necessarily a fan of the traditional CS colours per se… but a light background tends to be too bright on my eyes - something darker is more forgiving IMO


@nine @Davo i agree sarker is etter less sqinting


The background is the default white :-? so I don’t know where is the problem I will try a less bright white then


did it I put a grey white I don’t understand what happen with default backgroud


Okay, hope you guys liked it


Just a random question but what do you think of Yanosaki? The doctor? Anything you would like me to add ?


Why does the Chinese English doctor have a Japanese sounding name?


@Shoelip Japan invaded Manchuria in the second world war some japanese remained there even with the hatred. So it´s possible his grandpa was a japanese desertor or a ex soldier


What’s everyone’s view on the demo I know it’s very short


The story seems promising, I really can’t tell because the demo’s still pretty short. I’ll be looking forward to it!!


Yay thanks
Update in 3 day


Hey guys guess what there will be an update tomorrow 3002 words hope that will be okay with you lots please post your comment below


Cool game idea


Great, I will definitely check out the update.

I did really like how the character lost his eye and memory.

I hate heroes that are just so gifted with natural talent that they can always save the day - Gary Stu much!

Anyway this seems to be more realistic and gritty so that’s a thumbs up. Any further thoughts will be held until the next update.

@MaraJade great of you to help make the game a reality. My thanks to up you as well as to @JLBH2000

Keep up the good work


@ ishantris thank you, for being so supportive, and yes I am extremely lucky to have marajade help me


Well update is charged already



Here’s the update


Seems great so far. Just one small issue :frowning: all the stat screen options go to the weapons page. Other than that I love the interactivity.

I have never played grand theft auto but it seems a little like that?

Still I am already interested in the mystery.

About the one thing you remember… Will there be different endings and story-lines?

I really did not like the ending to heroes rise 2 - there was not enough choice in the ending for my liking :frowning:

But back to the positive… it looks great. Contact me if you need help with the stat screen.

I am relatively competent :wink:

Great job both of you! :slight_smile: