Tattooed Wings (WIP and Working Title)


Oh yep that will be up tomorrow aswell


Sorry i know this is late but Elizabeth is strange she could be evil character playing your MC be careful :smiley:


@Aera You will see






Hey guys,

just finished typing update adding another 1000 words so 6000 words at the moment there is abit were you can die so let me know what you think if you pic that choice, it finishes when you get onto the ship so I hope you enjoy,




With version

The next update will involve a minor edit with spelling errors extc and that will be 0.0003 update

Update 0.0004 will be the next part of the journey to Toshi Sora both parts standard seating area and luxuray


Hey guys stats are up thanks MJ


Nice can’t wait :smiley:


@Miki my fingers hurt now

By the way the update with both journey luxury and standard will be split up I will do the luxury one first since more people have chosen that path then standard then when you get to Toshi Sora the action begins


@JLBH: Awesome! Yes, the pain. I always feel like this when my fingers hurt: I GOT BLISTAHS ON MY FINGAS!!


@Miki I haven’t yet, they are just bent no am joking, miki you get check it out now all the planning is the group chat which you haven’t had a look at yet, all will be revealed for the first 1/4 of the story if you have a quick look :wink:


@JLBH: Alright, I’ll check it out right away. :slight_smile:


Yeah, JB is working now i would work in coding tomorrow ^^ so first half of chapter 1 comming soon.


@aye aye captain mj


Cool I like it so far


Aww, Shucks, I chose the standard option from an RPG perspective to conserve money/resources since we start of that dirt poor I kind of figured every penny counts.

Which does beg the question, how someone so supposedly talented as the MC ended up in those dire straits at the beginning anyway.
My personal theory is that the MC is just some hapless passerby who won’t likely be missed and is being played as a puppet by that Elizabeth woman for her own nefarious purposes since I think its just too convenient a malnourished bum would be able to beat her young, fit an athletic boytoy that easily.




Well, everything still needs to in un ravel, how could you not be able to, why would she give you money, why would she be so scared of the scouts?

Those are the questions which will soon unravel


:)) @idonotlikeusernames “Elizabeth woman for her own nefarious purposes” and “beat her young, fit an athletic boytoy” =)) wow just wow :smiley: