Shipwrecked: A prieview


So I’m going to have my game up for a little while, while I develop my website. It will be up for maybe a week or so while I do the actual design of the website. After which the website will replace the game. Once the game is finished I will post it back in the “games” section of the site.

It’s called Shipwrecked, and its about a bunch of people ship-wrecked on an island.

There are three arcs to this story with three different threads. Arc one is where they crash on the island, arc two deals with the natives on the island and arc three is (well its a secret for now - but it’s the best arc)

Arc one has three threads. All the events that happen on the island WILL happen, but you will only be exposed to certain events based on which thread you play. The thread you play will also determine what character you are. There are about nine people in total, 3 of them are playable and depending on which character/thread you play you will be exposed to certain parts of the story.

Note 1:
The very FIRST choice you make will determine which character you play. The first character/Choice goes up to the caves. The second Character plays the social game, on the beach with the others, the third character plays the… well he is the (What I like to call the GOD-MODE) character.

Note 2:
Not all options are completed (it is a work in progress after all), but the way to get the furthest into the story is to always choose the FIRST option (The character that goes up to the caves *And go north). That gets you all the way through the caves and back to the beach on day 2.

Note 3:
I know i know, I can’t spell. Sue me! And my grammar ain’t nothing much to right home about either… My friend is a pro. copy editor so I’m lazy as I’m going to have her review it for me. :smiley: -Score!!!

Anyway enjoy.


lol I almost forgot the link…


I found it enjoyable but it was not enough for me to really put in a good review.


Too short, for now, add the rest of the arcs.


I definitely like the concept and your ambition for writing so many arcs. I miss Lost, so this has a similar feel. Good luck and I look forward to it.


I liked it! I was really sad when it ended on the “wait for more!” note, so finish fast! I’m excited to play the rest. :slight_smile:


I liked it, but I really think that it would take you a long time to finish all three story arcs. Why don’t you concentrate on one plot, and have each character effect it in different ways?


Thanks for all the comments guys.

Well the first part of the story takes three different routes which defines the character that you are playing, changes his stats, makes specific items available etc.(The self-sufficient survivor, the Social person/leader or the Tactician/Gadget guy)

But once you meet up with the rest of the group, figure out all your issues among each other and solve all the problems then it becomes linear (no longer three story lines) and everything ties into one story again and the progression depends on who you are playing. - This makes it a LOT easier to write.

The reason I did it that way is because I don’t like how most stories determine what your stats are. So instead of asking a question about what profession you would like to play or what are you good at? I prefer to have them make a decision or instead “many” small decisions and build their stats from that. (I still haven’t decided if I will hide all stats from the player yet tho.)

For example, one of the first problem you face is that one of the group is kidnapped, by the natives. If you are playing as the Social player then you might have to choose someone to do a certain task, if that person’s ability isn’t up to par they might die or get injured, but if you are say the tactician then you might build a trap, use a weapon or something of that nature.

I understand what you mean (and you’re right, i agree) so once I tie the story back together from the three threads then, it will be a lot easier as it will only be from the perspective of the person that you are playing.


Thanks, I miss lost too.

More will come, but I have a lot of other things to do as well, but I will post more once it’s ready.

Thanks, More will come soon.


Uhh… I clicked on the link and uhh… and I all got was my*way*game. Lol no story or CoG…


Yes, sorry I had to take it down. I am putting up my site now, and reworking the entire story. I will be back up again in the near future.


Hi again guys, so I’ve been working hard at building my website and pumping out game titles. If you had read my original Shipwrecked demo, I’ve completely changed the story around.

I found that the more choices I had the less the characters were developed and came alive. Also it was very difficult to keep track of and write the actual “story” with so many different things happening.

So after asking a few of my friends to read it over and tell me what they though of the characters (If they really cared about what happened to them or not) most said that they didn’t care what happened to them because there was no attachment to them.

So I’ve decided to remove most all the choices in the early game and replace them with more of a story. This way the reader will really get the know and connect with the characters. I think that this is important because later in the story when the reader WILL need to make many life or death choice they will have to really think twice before just selecting a choice then clicking next.

The new link is at:

Please leave comments if you wish to.


Lol so far your CoG felt very linear… you gotta open up more option… I’m not using it against you… :slight_smile: I’m writing a cog to and I know how hard it is…I like the way you write…very descriptive… But… I came to notice that there is a lot more writing then there is of choices… I mean there is choices but it felt almost linear because you haven’t open up the other choices…:stuck_out_tongue: ima gonna play one more time… Before I finish my comment.


Lol I notice that during the part where you choose to show yourself to Sarah and Lucy… etc… you said “shold” and “and yourself” I think you meant show yourself… And what is bothering me the most is… Why do I have to be John Parker?.. I don’t hate cinematic cog… lol no offense… but Im also not a big fan of it either… I would love it if you allowed us to choose…our name and gender…cause I don’t think Much girls would like to be a John Parker… Haha :stuck_out_tongue: I also felt like you didn’t give us the important choices… like when… uhh you and your group was discussing about wither or not to interfer with the group with the two dieing men… John Parker just went ahead and said “agreed”… I felt that we should of made the choice… I felt there was multiple chances for you to give us more choices…you understand what I’m trying to get at?? :slight_smile: lol hopefully you do… overall It was decently good… no lie… its at a 7/10 for me…give more choices during relavent moments,name gender choice and well… I’m boosting it up to 8.5-9.5/10 … Keep up the good work man… :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, I will include an option for the name and allow the player try to add more places for choices. P.S I have a new screen name now since I’m no longer signing in with my google account.


No problem man… keep it up… Haha besides I did watch a few episodes of Lost… and after reading your cog … I felt like I should get back to work on mine. Haha been slacking…


After the chapter with the bees swatting,the first choices you make are:

“Try to get back to sleep”
“Get up and talk to Jacob”

or something like those.I picked both by starting over,but no matter what you do or pick the box that you click to move on isn’t there…


That chapter with the bees is where it should end for now. I am currently writing the rest of the story as we speak so it actually shouldn’t have gotten THAT far in. I must have uploaded the wrong files by accident. There are basically two more chapters, the one with the natives and then the final climatic chapter.

Thanks for reading what do you think so far?


Oh I didn’t know xD

I think it’s a pretty awesome story and stuff. I thought it was kinda funny on how you gain stealth points by first avoiding them lol. I’m just wondering if that will be useful in the future or not…oh and keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:


@twitchphd Yes it will when you meet the natives on the island.


Just tried the game and here’s my opinion on it!

I think the way you made the first choice determine what type of character you are is innovative and interesting. But I would rather if you make that clear in the game rather than in the forum post (I just skimmed through the post to find the link at first).

The story is decent and interesting. The fact that you already seem to have the plot so well developed is nice to see.

However, it seems more focused on the story than the gameplay; since more effort seems dedicated to making page upon page of text rather than expanding on choices. There are lesser options than I would have wanted, making the game seem very linear.

Another issue I had with the game was how character creation worked. The way points were allocated to your stats seemed weird and unintuitive. (How does figuring out where you are increase speed and stealth? Or how does trying to find food/water first increase strength?)


I was wondering is these games your making free when playing on the internet and a small fee when downloading it to your iPhone or android since I saw your site a little while ago and both said it cost 99 cent hoping you could clear that one out for us blackicicle.