Due to a possible conflict with another game with a similar plot as my stranded game, I’m dropping it for another topic. Which if these would you guys/girls be most interested in seeing?

1.A halloween horror/mystery story. Pick your own costume etc. have to make it through the adventures and horrors of the night.

2.You’ve been kidnapped. Escape and make your way to safety. Different reasons for the kidnapping.

3.Something with a volcano. Maybe what you were doing, surviving the eruption, and afterwards.


The first choice sounds weird… Which makes it the most interesting to me!


Option 1 sounds very original. That’s my vote.


I like #1 too, i want to make myself a zombie (:


Just for fun, I’m going to post what I had written before I stopped.


You don’t really have to abandon your original idea/game. Hell, if you want to you can probably turn this into a collaboration with the other person. I don’t really know - this is the first I’ve heard of the other stranded-on-an-island game. Anyway, I like option 1 the best of the three too.


There is no need to abandon your original idea, I agree with that.