Doomsday on Demand Testing Over!


Hello there!

EDIT3: If you somehow still stumble upon this thread, the released game became Doomsday on Demand. The second part was having a beta test here, though now it’s over:

I’ve finished my first project ever, Apocalypse Is Where The Heart Is. It’s ~102k words, with everything included from coding to different paths. I don’t think about it as something huge, as I’m fairly new to this, but I enjoyed writing it. I can only hope you’ll enjoy playing it. Now this is the part where I need your guys’ help as Beta testers! I honestly don’t know whether it’s better to make it open or closed. I’m going to make it closed now (same as in Alpha), and probably open later on.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Alpha test!! You’ve pointed out many things that I’ll fix, add, or change until the beta testing phase. Also, please post again if you wan’t to participate in the Beta too. :yum:

The plot, without spoiling anything major:
You are a young boy whose life turns around after the bombs fall, destroying everything you’ve known and held dear. Not only do you have to survive with what humans are left, but also contend with the mutants born of the nuclear radiation.

Beta testing will start around the 4th-5th of December,. If I can’t get done the things I want by that time, it’ll be delayed to 11th-12th. I’ll add everyonone who would like to participate in the PM, and we’ll work as a group there. I feel like that’s the best way to do it. :relaxed:

I suspect it would take ~2 hours, maybe more to finish the game, so please only post if you have the patience.
(Also, title of the game may change in the future)

I appreciate all kinds of feedbacks, both good and bad until the bad doesn’t turn into “mean”. Constructive criticism is very welcomed.

What I’d mostly appreciate having a feedback of:
1. Typos, spelling, grammar errors,
2. Coding errors, stat errors,
3. Suggestions for improvement,
4. Anything you find worthy of mentioning! I really really would appreciate if you mentioned anything and everything you think is worth mentioning. It could range from weird page breaks, reputation and relationship errors, description error, to anything that’s just illogical in your opinion in the game. If it’s that you like this character/scene/choice because… or you hate this character/scene/choice because…, please do mention it!

Soooo, please post here or send me PM if you would like to participate. I really don’t mind which one you use to tell me.
(I didn’t feel like making a new thread for beta testing, so I just edited this one. :blush:)

EDIT : There’s no "limit’. I add everyone on my list, so please feel free to post here, or send me a PM if you’d like to participate! :relaxed:

EDIT2 : Beta testing has started. I hope I didn’t forget anyone who wanted to join. Thanks everyone who replied. If I did, please tell me so I can invite you! Also, I’m still accepting people, so if you would like to participate, feel free to post or PM me!

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate all the help!! :relaxed:


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If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the game about? (I’m assuming some sort of apocalypse)


Fair question, I don’t know why I didn’t include it in the topic. It’s about a young boy whose life turns around after the apocalypse hits the district. (district will hopefully make sense in the game). His journey to survive and trying to get out of the whole mess. I don’t know how I could tell more without spoiling anything.


I’m willing to alpha test.


I am willing to beta test


What’s your game about?


Sorry, I forgot to add it. I’ve added it to the main topic now.


Hey I’d love to test for you I’ll try and tell you what I find but I’m not the best when it comes to finding erors unless they are major.


I like to test your game out


So its like this war of mine? Also I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!


I will test the game the game for u.


I would really like to test, if possible! :blush:


I would like to help test the game


Testing? Yeah I’d be up for it.

I do have some question though. Are you planning on making this a “hosted game”? If so, good luck! And can we die in the game? I know some games don’t give us that option.


Yes I plan to have it as a hosted game eventually, and I’ll be very happy if I get accepted :grin:

As I said, don’t expect a lot it’s really just my first attempt. I’ve never really written anything before, just a couple of smaller stories here and there. But who knows, maybe with your help It can become something great! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for dying, I never really liked the whole die and go back to the previous choice, or start from the beginning. However, there is one time you can die in the game.


I’d like to test your work


i would like to test you game


I’d like to test & help


i’d like to help test :slight_smile:


I would love to test it!