Doomsday On Demand - Out Now!

Hello There!

I’m honored to announce that my first game, “Doomsday On Demand”, has joined the mighty ranks of the Hosted Games! Its early names were “After Doomsday”, and “Apocalypse Is Where The Heart is”. Lot of name changes, huh. Special thanks goes to the beta testers, they helped a lot.

Anyway! It’s currently available on here:
Hosted Games
Apple iTunes Store
Google Play Store
Amazon Store
Steam Store

I’ll update the list when, and if it grows. Meanwhile, feel free to check it out if you want to, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Also, it’s gender locked, you’ll play as a boy. Sorry about that, didn’t mention it.

Discussion, feedback, bug- error reports, and basically anything that’s related to the game somehow are welcome in this thread! :relaxed:


will take a look as soon as its available on chrome webstore or the cog site.

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I hope it will come available on the website aswell

The title sounds promising :smiley:

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Me too, and soon! (Yes I can be overly excited) :smiley:

I hope you’ll like it if you get to play it! :blush:

I am only on chapter 4 and I can already see that author took inspiration from Telltale´s Walking Dead. There would be nothing wrong with that fact if those “inspirations” werent so obvious (there are entire scenes that are essentialy the same). That still wouldnt be the problem if the author along with those scenes didnt repeat also exactly the same mistakes that were made by the Telltale. However after everything I ve just said I still say it is a good game and I would give it 8,5/10


Nice downloading now and I’ll post a review after work. Although I already saw a bad review, because it was not shown to be gender locked in in the description, so maybe add that? So at least people will know before downloading (it’s a pretty big issue for some people)

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Yea apparently I forgot to do that in time .-.

I get that for the second time now, and I can see how it would seem like that after having played it since.

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There are a few grammatical mistakes but I can overlook with the interesting characters and the story so far (haven’t finished it yet). I also would like to tell you that I really dislike you right now, this Warehouse scene you put in just caught me off guard man. I am really struggling lol, I had to pause and post this before continuing. All in all, good game so far.

By the way, I like Ivan, he has that Borderlands badguy feel to him. You love to hate him and but stay for the laughs.


Playing through the whole game once for free is an interesting idea for a demo. If you think people are going to be hooked enough to want to play more than once, it’s definitely a way to give them a thorough look at the story. I think players would prefer this to the “first four chapters” kind of demo, but am curious to see how that translates into sales.


Don’t be surprised if people comment on the pronoun choice. With Abbie, I was getting both male and female pronouns at once.

Yes, I was about to come and comment about the lack of gender-lock warning. Unless it is mentioned the game is sufficiently amazing to justify a gender lock I will not be purchasing.

Yeah, totally saw that. And also (watchout with this) near the end, the fight between Malcolm and Lizzie was a total rip-off from season two.

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Psst, it seems to be parallel evolution of stories (like how ducks and platypi have webbed feet but aren’t related); Myst wasn’t exposed to Telltale’s TWD til after writing the game.

I had this happen with my WIP and Gravity Falls… I included so many references that clearly I was a huge fan, when I didn’t actually know the show existed until players pointed it out to me.


@Myst congrats for the great game, I really enjoyed it. I haven’t played it a second time yet, so I can’t speak for the replayability value, but the story and the setting got me hooked from the start, I connected with some characters (Lizzie was great) and cared for them and the game had a good length. I immersed myself in a good story, met great characters, faced moral dillemas and visited a different world, a different life during a satisfactory amount of time, all that I could ask for in a book/game. Thanks.


slammed and ur game r the best till now…great work congrats

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This is the first time I’ve decided to review a choice of games, altho I am a very avid fan of interactive storytelling and I have played a lot of the games on this site. I’ll try to keep it spoiler free. So without further ado:

[details=Very Long Review]I have conflicted feelings about this game. Some people on this threat compare it to Tell Tales’ The Walking Dead, altho I can kind of see where they are coming from with some of the choices in the game I feel that the core is different. The Walking Dead was all about how precious life is, that was the core theme, the heart of the game. Doomsday on Demand doesn’t feel like a game about the value of life, sure there is dead everywhere and you get the choice to kill someone or save another someone, but that’s not really the point of the story. With the way in ends and the heavy antagonism going on with Ivan, that’s really not the main theme here.

The problem is I’m unsure what the theme is supposed to be. On the one side, it feels like it’s authority, the game kind of smashes you over the head with it over and over in a way that is, at least to me, obvious bordering on annoying. This is because I’ve of course had my fair share of having to deal with authority figures that are dislikable and I know the only options aren’t outright defiance or bluntly agreeing with the authority. There are more subtleties, you can respect them on the surface and rebel silently, but this is far too often not an option. It becomes frustrating because the game keeps on throwing more authority moments my way, over and over again.

Now, on the other hand, there is the Good and Evil meter, it feels like this is what the author really wanted the game to be about seeing as it’s the only stat besides relationships that’s shown to the player, but the moments just aren’t enough. The struggle between good and evil feels lacking to be the main theme of the game so it’s confusing. Not to mention good and evil are more nuanced, there are shades of gray and altho we see a bit of this in the game it’s not explored enough to be satisfying. My final guess is that there may have been a bit of a lack of focus?

Now to the tiny things that threw me out of the game:

  • The main character either has a terrible memory or there are some inconsistencies in this game… The bad thing is that it feels like it was done on purpose sometimes, having the main character conveniently forget something important when they might be able to use that info bothers me because I remember! And I see no reason for the main character’s sudden memory loss. An example of this would be talking to Ivan after the first time you go to the mansion. My only option is to stay quiet and anger him or betray my new friend’s trust when there is a perfectly neutral thing to tell him that harms no one (hint: the mansion!) which you get the chance to tell him about later anyways… Actually it felt like every single day I had no safe options to the point that he did something horrible to the main character and it felt like the game kind of forced me into it, however after that point, I did get safe choices? Felt a bit unfair.

  • Grammar… it wasn’t terrible and I’m not perfect at grammar either, but notably the way the final part was written was… weird? Every sentence used “you’ve” and it sounded weird after the first paragraph.

Now to the good stuff:
I love the characters. Seriously. Well, I hate Ivan so much I screamed and punched a pillow several times pretending it was his face. But the characters are just great! And my reaction to Ivan proves it, never have I hated a villain so much, people compare him to Handsome Jack, but I didn’t hate him like I hate Ivan. Not even close.

Lizzie and Ryan tore my heart apart, seeing all the fighting I knew I was going to have to choose eventually and all through the game I kept going back and forth trying to decide who to pick. Then there is Bradley, man I love Bradley!! I honestly just wanted the main character to be able to spend more time with his best friend. After all, I had a relationship meter with him too, but it never really seemed to go up or down after you pick who’ll be your roommate.

Some scenes were so intense I couldn’t contain my emotions and to be honest, this is the first Choice of Games to ever do that to me. My heart would pound like crazy and I would get super tense. I even cried, twice!! And had to put the game down several times because of the harsh choices that I wasn’t ready to make. The game gave me so many feelings!!

tl;dr I have a slight problem with the theme and sometimes felt like the game was shoving some stuff on my face, but the characters and some of the scene where so emotional I can’t deny their brilliance.

So I am unsure what to say? I guess I wanted to make this in hopes that your next game will be better, you need to be a bit more subtle with the plot pushing in an interactive story. I hope you take my criticism for what it is and know that I still loved the game, I just got a bit frustrated with it sometimes.


Hello myst I would like to provide my review of the game, as well as give my opinions on some common questions. First off, the claims you copied the walking dead. While I can see the similarities it isn’t obvious and seems more like coincidence than copieing, and the grammatical mistakes most seem like I do where you write a sentence but didn’t write it how you wanted so delete it and rewite it but left a word or two this leads to some parts which I have to read a few times to understand, but I’m willing to overlook it for a good story. Speaking of story I give the story a 8/10 I could give it a 10/10 if you tied up a loose end and explained how the mutants came about. the wacks slimers and arti, no axi,umm flying Ray creatures are fine but the theguists enderman umm I mean stalkers and the illusions need some explaining. I mean they are more like genetic experimentation subjects than radiological mutations. Maybe the nuke contained a virus that caused them or maybe something the scientists made, however this may be explained in the game and I just haven’t come across it yet. One question I have though is how do the theguists manipulate the mind so well and how do they look like children. What I would do is make them look like a smaller less deadly illusion after the are killed then it will make more sense as they will be child illusions and having not developed claws and their mind manipulation being weaker they must rely upon manipulating their victims into suicide. You could then set them up as a speicies realised by the enemy government, or one that escaped from a US government facility. I only have one other complaint on my third play through of the game during the final waiting period it said I had to wait 20 minutes like it always does so I exited and went to YouTube to look something up and when I came back it said I had to wait 99 hours it’s been three days and it still says 99 hours so I’m going to delete it and redownload it, this has only happened once so I assume it’s a bug with the Amazon version. Overall I give the game a 9/10

Man, ilove the game!!! You should a sequel i know that is a hard task i think you can continue the story by all the endings

Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed playing it!

I have a lot on my plate nowadays, but I’m working on the second part, and making good progress. :slight_smile:


Good god do I love this game! I read the second chapter and thought “I’m not sleeping till I finish this.” If you’re making a sequel, by all means take all the time you need. And I do see some similar aspects from the Tell Tails Walking Dead, but not until someone mentioned it. It would take a ridiculous amount of time and effort, but it would amazing if there were separate stories for each of the six endings in the first game (Maybe have it linked where your original game is linked to sequel idk.)