Walking Dead Choice Of Games

This is just a question and something I have been pondering. Could their be walking dead choice of games stories? With original characters. This is not something I’m wanting to do but more pondering. I can’t help but smile at the idea of Robert Kirkman taking interest in interactive fiction via choice of games. I mean telltale is great but a choice of games think would be interesting no? (Shrug) this is just pondering.

Zombie Exodus and Doomsday On Demand are kinda similar with the same genre.


Zombie Exodus seems to be a good presentation of the Walking Dead at least for me. XD

True, Zombie Exodus is amazing ^^ this was just the rambling of someone’s pondering.

You can have stories along those lines (like Zombie Exodus) but you can’t have a “Walking Dead” COG game unless you could secure permission to make one due to copyright.