The Walking Dead Game Idea

Why don’t this company work with the makers of The Walking Dead television show to make a game based on the show. I would love to play a MC who is a surivor of the ZA.

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Have you played Zombie Exodus?


In addition to what @Havenstone stone said- if you’re interested in zombie apocalypse games, it may be worth giving Zombie Exodus a look. It’s got your zombie apocalypse and it’s a well-built and executed game.

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@Havenstone Yes I have played that game.

The copyright holders of The Walking Dead have outsourced development of an adventure game series to Telltale Games (it’s actually two seasons in if you haven’t heard of it before and pretty damn good) which is great for fans, but makes the chances of a CoG author securing a similar license approximately 0% and a HG author roughly -24%

The medium may be entirely different but when you get down to it the concepts would just be too similar to the mind of an executive or other copyright holder.

That massive downer aside, we could always use more zombie games. Because there must always be more zombie media.

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Whatever you do, please don’t kill off the dumb blonde girl first!!! Then it will not turn into your stereotypical zombie books/films/GN/Manga and whatever’s the heck else.

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I think you’re a couple of games, movies, TV shows and CoG too late…but the genre hasn’t been tapped out yet so go for it.

Like on the show’s first season’s treatment of Sophie? LOL