Amber Saga Game

Just want to hear if anyone would be interested about a game based on Roger Zelazny’s Amber saga…

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Firstly, you’d require explicit permission to write a game created in that world.

We have had one game, Choice of the Petal Throne, that got permission to use another world for the setting, as far as I’m aware.

Secondly, you can’t use Choice of in your title for a choicescript game, unless you get permission from Choice of Games.


He did say ‘based on’ that series, not necessarily in that setting itself (unless the edit changed it)…

I might be interested, depending on how it’s done. It’s been a long time since I read that series…

He titled it Choice of Amber though, which would make me think it was set in that world.

Inspired by is fine. But he’s not given much detail as to what he plans to do.


well i had thought if there was any intrest that “choice of games” would handle the legal stuff, but never mind then…

It doesn’t work like that. It would be up to you to secure the license to write in that world.

Supposedly there is a game written in the world. It’s very old though. Nine Princes in Amber (video game) - Wikipedia

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Nope. It says so on the ‘looking for writers’ bit on the site.

Occasionally, authors wish to use IP that they do not own in their games–for example, creating a licensed work using IP owned by another author. That can work, but only if the author is in a position to secure a license to use that IP for a Choice of Games or Hosted Games publication. Neither Choice of Games nor Hosted Games can publish games that rely on intellectual property owned by someone other than the author or us without a valid license.


Yeap, I can verify that the game exists and it is based on Zelazny’s books. However, it is a terrible game, as it is a simple retelling of the first book (thus, the name of the game).

In any case, yes, I’d be interested, and I suspect that the biggest difficulty in getting the license would be figuring out whom to contact. It isn’t that valuable of a property, after all.


ok guess i was too optimistic…thanks…

wellsince there was a game about “empire of the petal throne”, i thought it would have been possible to do nthe same for an Amber game…thank you anyway [:blush:]

i am the owner of a copy of the Amber diceless roleplaying game, i would have used that for most of my information…

Well, it’s still possible. You’d just have to get your hands on a license yourself. (That’s what the author of ‘Choice of the Petal Throne’ did, apparently.)

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Owning the Amber roleplaying game isn’t enough to be able to create a licensed game in their world, unfortunately. You’d have to track down who owns the rights, contact them, and see if they’d give you permission to publish a game. You’d likely need a proven track record as an author.

It may be complicated by

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I love the original books… not looking forward to this new development at all.

i know having a copy of the roleplaying game isn’t enough, please give me SOME credit, i just wanted to point out to you i wanted to do a good job of it…

I think @FairyGodfeather was just doing due diligence in ensuring that you had that knowledge. It was not, as I read it, meant as a slight on you. I suspect that the concept may be better executed if you go the ‘inspired by’ route, as opposed to a direct playing in the world. This saves you time, wrangling with the licensing (and consequent fees), and any possible litigation. I couldn’t tell you a thing about the universe; I’ve personally never heard of it, but there are folks in this thread whose judgement I trust, so it sounds like it could be interesting, if nothing else, to go with a game inspired by it.


No need to get testy, mon frere. It wasn’t obvious from your posts that you had the first idea how “the legal stuff” worked, and FG was just being helpful.

An Amber CoG game would be terrific fun, but as others have said, the author would need to be the one to chase the IP rights, like the Petal Throne author did. It’s all CoG can do to stay on top of their own projects without also applying for IP rights to other people’s stuff.


@BK64, @Havenstone and I are all of the age where the Amber series was fresh, new and exciting - we are all hoping you somehow do get a license because such a world is perfect for a CoG type of title …

@FairyGodfeather loves seeing people succeed so she always tries to help in any way she can think of - she even read my demo!

We all really hope this comes about or we’d not even bother posting here.


sorry, but no. if i can’t do “the real thing”, might as well not do it at all in my opinion…

well apparently there might be an Amber movie or TV series in the pipeline, although i find this to be very good news, of course this probablymakes getting a licence agreement much more difficult and costier…

I’ll better try something different altogether i guess…