IF based on novels written by me?

I wasn’t sure how to ask this question, so I’m sorry if it is confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m writing a novel and I’m expecting to be done with it in a few months. At this point I want to publish (I recognize this could take a while depending on my skill and effort). When I finish my novel, the world I created would be my own. So then I got to thinking, could I market the book through the app and vice versa?

Could I write an IF based on that world once I’ve published the novel? Or does Hosted Games prefer not to publish IF based on Novels?

PS: I don’t even know if this can be very successful, but it was an idea I thought could be worth exploring.


The copyright would be yours so i believe yes you can.


So long as you own the rights to the world, (i.e. if/when you get it published you don’t sell your IP rights with it), and your game is actually a game and not just a novel stuck into ChoiceScript (and whatever else would normally stop us from publishing isn’t a problem), we don’t mind.


Oh that’s exciting, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I think it works both ways too. If an author of a HG title wanted to write a novel based on their game, they’d be allowed to, since the world and characters still belong to the author. As far as I’m aware, the only thing a HG author is not allowed to do with their work is publish the same game on a different website.


I think you need to run it by your publisher


The Deathless CoGs and Moreytown were all written in worlds previously featured in published novels by those authors.


And Attack of the clockwork army, and Choice of the Petal Throne :slight_smile: