Doomsday on Demand 2 Released & Discussion


Doomsday on Demand 2 is finally released on every platform possible!
You can reach the game on various platforms below:

Steam Store<

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Choice of Games website<

Doomsday on Demand also released on steam!

Please feel free to start a discussion regarding any aspect of the game, I’ll also try to answer questions (if there are any), but I’d like to ask everyone to keep revealed spoilers to the minimum, as it can heavily ruin someone’s game to stumble upon a comment uncovering a critical part of the story.

Also, as I’ve already mentioned in a previous thread (Doomsday On Demand 2 Discussion started by @Eric_knight), there is currently a small bug regarding Abbie on the Google Play Store version. After a specific choice her gender pronouns turn to male. I’m sorry about that, there is fix is on the way regarding this issue.

I hope you’ll enjoy the game!


Had just met MC’s mother and i like the family reunion of the game, and am glad the little girl i saved was my sister … this provides the protagonist a little bit of warm-hearted feeling in post-apocalyptic environment , it also gives us some sort of imagination what sort of civilised lives we could have there… apart from scavenging , it is a wonder the Mayor can set up a stronghold of his own in an organised fashion, but on the living life style … apparently Ivan or Kye had made a better living life style, with better food and furniture . Well to be honest , Kye and Lizzie will make a better rulers for a more compassionate faction :slight_smile:

The one thing I learned from this game. (considering it seems to be every trope I’d use if I wrote a game.) …is damn I’m a miserable bastard. I was begging for death praying the ending [Spoiler: Wish] would let me die but no such luck. I went from being tortured and enslaved by Ivan including him carving his name into me to being tortured and enslaved by a new group. I didn’t want to romance either of the two ROs because I just wanted to die and be free from the pain of a miserable life but they refused to just let me die.

That game was depressing as shit.


I can’t tell if you’re being serious but are you alright, your head seems… dark

Got halfway through, what the actual ****, not a bad story, I will add, but sad.

The first was basically walking dead season 2 without Kenny and all about Carver.

This, this is just a mind****.

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Hey it is a lots more cheerful as compare to DOD 1, in fact we can have heart warming Good journey and good ending, my MC met the mother and gain a little sister who view me as Hero… and there is also romance partner who will start a family with me in the end, the only problem is… i am worry i need to choose between Lizzie and Lily in the end again

Personally i think it is a much more organised story , with an organised post-apocalyptic community and factions as compare to the chaos of Walking Dead, i am not a fan of Walking Dead at all, i feel it is just a story that drag on without real sense of purpose …

If i would compare, perhaps DOD could be something like the Maze Runner since there is also the Rich community’s military

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Your mother straight up abandons you for her new family.


I am wondering why ? I seem to have good relationship with them, you sided with Arkadios or NOVOS ? are there any difference ?

It doesn’t matter she will always abandon you I think. I sided with Ryan in the last book against Lizzie.

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in DOD2, Arkadios is ruled by Kye and Lizzie currently, i am wondering whether Novos and Arkadios will confront each other later on, Lizzie and Kye asked me to become their inside man

Lizzie’s dead in my game I killed her. I also killed Kye.

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That’s interesting, i am wondering what will happen if i sided with Lizzie ?

That’s why DOD2 has so many potentials… different choices seem lead to different mood of the story

I don’t think I could take another doomsday on demand though let’s be honest it’d just be about another group of people forcing you to be their soldier again and being kicked around by those in power.

Personally i think Doomsday On Demand is an excellent post-apocalyptic survival journey of life, it really manage to provide us with the potential Doomsday feel of the future and “experience” ourselves what sort of lives we need to go through in an post-apocalyptic future…

It manage to capture the sense of serenity after hardship in a harsh environment , coupled with the heart warming relationship of companion(s) who we befriend along the journey … It is certainly no larger than life hero style of self righteous heroic story , i however appreciate the humility approach of a well written inner self dilemma story , where no one choice is easily judge by others…

Hmm… i wouldn’t mind experiencing the same journey again with either Lily or perhaps Lizzie, both Kye and Keith are great allies so… it would be nice to have another sequel with them


It certainly has consequences. It’s easy to pretend you’d never break you could be a super badass. But nope. All it gets you is unnecessary torture. And deep seated psychological issues. If there was a third game I’d rather not be a Prisoner in Carver’s group I’d like to be surviving on my own or possibly with allies but not a heiarchy.

Though my character was so desperate to die after being ressurected that they would hate me for forcing them back if a sequel didn’t have a new character.

@Myst Abbie’s words hurt me.

What do you mean in particular?

She didnt have to specify that she wasnt interested in my MC anymore so many times. Once was enough. :cry:

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Abbie was dead in my playthrough how do you keep her alive?

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Bugs/Errors: Hello, it’s a great game, but there are some errors: 1- Abbie gender (already reported), 2- Trickster name in glossary (It’s Deceiver, i guess) and 3- It’s not really a error, but you are a SCAVENGER in the game, but you dont bring back nothing in the story, and spend ammo and filters, what no make sense .