Someone besides me who thinks there should be a second part of doomsday in demand?


Since the first time I read it I thought it was one of the best I read and would not it be great if a second part came out?


I agree, it would be nice for a continuation. Though unlike a lot of others, this game did have enough closer at the end to leave it as a standalone story.


I was wishing the entire time we had been given a chance to “befriend” one of the mutants, considering we were turning into one ourselves. That part where we get protected from the shadow creatures (forgot their names) really pulled a heartstring for me. If they ever decide to work on a sequel (I’m not holding my breath) I think they should expand on what happened in-between those years, before the end.


If I also would have liked to know who was that creature if they take a sequel would be good to give the origin of that mutant


If the end was the style the walking dead but there is still much to exploit as for example could be an accompaniment of the same protagonist since in the end he will have about 15 years I think or also something that I gave as the “origines” of the explosion


I would have loved another game, maybe as a sort of reboot with your minion taking your place. Or something like that. :smile:


I’m really happy you guys enjoyed playing the game!

I’m working on the second part for a while now, and about 50% of the planned content is already done :slight_smile: