Doomsday On Demand 2 Discussion

Well… Doomsday On Demand 2 is out and i already purchased it :slight_smile:

Congratulation to @Myst on the release … I didn’t actually start playing it in detail, will do that later on, but i notice why we don’t need a save file from DOD :wink: and i support your direction with it…

Although i am sad that i won’t meet Lizzie again …i was really hoping to spend more adventure time with her, if romance time is not possible at ll… but now looking forward to Lilly and see how it goes

So far , the pacing seems great, much faster than DOD … action takes place immediately but Why do i have to deal with Ivan again ??? :sweat:

Looking forward to enjoy the Doomsday post-apocalyptic loneliness feeling once again …


Haven’t purchased the full game yet but I really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I was pretty surprised to see Ivan again after I vaguely remember killing him.


He’s in your head. Kinda like Joker in Arkham Knight.


Don’t get to invested in Lily


Really ? I just check the stats screen , saw a number of characters… thought Lily is set to be a romance option :slight_smile:

but will read the full game carefully …

She is I just meant the end. It pissed me off.

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Oh man… thanks for the warning, i will play through that route at least once and …well, just to have a sense of the feeling of lost ? :sweat:

Apparently all the people we partnered with at the end of the first one just die in the beginning and our best friends are really significantly or relevant at all besides one or two scenes also they’re probably dead to.

That seems more like a Doomsday feel … Alone in the End

I still haven’t play it yet, but if what you mention is the only outcome … then perhaps playing DOD2 will make us cherish what we have in real life even more…, and to the extend that, we probably should cherish other lovable characters who we can love and keep by our side in other HG/CoG titles , that’s the main reason i never chose the Evil path in all my gaming thus far… I prefer to let the fictional characters continue to “talk” to me

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No I chose to start with all the characters from the first one they either die or leave us.

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Hmmm… then i will see how my choice play out later :slight_smile:

Also there’s nothing to cherish when my characters mother abandons him again, his girlfriend gets turned into a flesh eating monster, and he’s stuck with a crazy dude in his head.

She couldn’t be cured ?? We should ask @Myst to allow us to temporary cage her so that we develop a cure in Book 3…

As fast as I’m aware you can’t which isn’t really fair and makes it seem pointless to romance anyone if they’re just gonna die anyway. Also there’s already a cure our character tried it on her, but it didn’t work. Also I don’t know if there is gonna be a part three.

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Is it depending on other stats or skills ? or it just mandatory didn’t work ?

Well…@Myst wants us to support his future game, so i think there is a chance :slight_smile:

I managed to save Lily.

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SPoiler please :slight_smile:

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Choose to go to the mad village thats the answer don’t go anywhere else. Also refuse Ivans help can’t trust him. Thats how you save her. For the happy ending with her and Keith also make sure to keep your radiation levels low before you meet the Oracle, also when that monster asks if you want to be cured (after you started her romance) always say no. Anyway when you meet the Oracle choose I wish to to leave this place do not choose to walk through the portal, kill him, or make a wish for Keith. I also I think it helps to be a good person.


There is a better ending than this ,you can live a normal life with Lily .


I’d like to ask everyone here to keep revealed spoilers to the minimum, as it can heavily ruin someone’s game to stumble upon a comment uncovering a critical part of the story. Please use [spoiler] [/spoiler ] for anything like that.

@Eric_knight , since you’ve generously created the thread please add this suggestion along with a disclaimer regarding spoilers to the topic. Many Thanks!

If the person you chose, I suppose Lily in this case, have died because of your actions. Several endings include your chosen partner living by your side.

I suppose there are several other secrets you can uncover, but not for the first play through, though. I understand your frustration regarding some aspects of the game, but some of your comments have stated that everything has only one possible outcome, and fixed things happen to people. For the majority, what happens only depends on you and your actions. Some things though, are fixed.

Currently I’m working on a different game, but if people find the need for a part 3 in any way, and I have a good idea of what to do with it, I’ll get back to that. Since DoD and its world is the first bigger game I’ve made for a bigger audience, it stands close to my heart anyway, so it could be possible. :slight_smile: