Doomsday on Demand 2 endings?

Hi. I waited a year, and now finally played DoD2. It was perfect, i almost cried :sweat_smile:. So, my question is… Whats are the possible endings? (sry for english) And how can you get that?


There are multiple endings which all end with unique outcome, some are good some are sad, but it had been long since i last play .
I think the author give hints in the main article which you need to search for it …

Try search through here

Yeah i know, but i want to know every outcome :smiley: I already read that topic and see some, but i think not all of them.

Endings I know of. The one I like and feel best about is you getting sent to the other side of the mountains and being reset back to 10 or 12 yrs old but still having instincts you picked up surviving, so you beat up some bullies.
Then theres endings where depending on your ending from 1, your friends can be in the military that is trying to blow up the portal thing and you can go with them instead of confronting the god thing.
And i think it depends on your choices through the game but you can just leave and go out and survive with the General and find a colony of survivors in the rich neighborhood, and i heard but never got it but there might be and ending where you go with Keith instead.

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Oh yeah theres the ending where you kill the god like dude, and then you become him and it ends with the girl that is referenced in all the endings showing up and wanting to fight you.

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Yeah, the oracle. That was my ending :stuck_out_tongue:

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You beame him? I didnt feel like mc deserved that which is why i replayed a couple of times xD

Thats a good ending because everybody got happy, but bad because you losed everything :pleading_face:. But i replayed it 4 times too :sweat_smile:.


How do you get the your friends in the military one? I got the lizzie ending but i have been trying for the military ending