Doomsday on demand first ending

Hey can someone tell me what i must do to get the ending one ?

I’m afraid I don’t remember endings were numbered in the game. So what was the ending again? (Slightest hints will do, I’ve played the game many times)

it was something about the dives

I remotely remember it, I’ll try to find the method (but probably someone will beat me, as I only painstakingly​ play the games on my tablet and don’t look at the code).

no problem it’s ok :slight_smile:

One failed attempt, I ended up with the revolution ending (you get what I mean by that, right?) :frowning:

Anyone know how to get the dive ending? I can’t figure out ending one

You get the first ending by saving Malcom, aiming on Ivan and Letting Lizzie die for Malcom.
It might seem like a fun and happy ending from the sound of it but it’s actually quite morally grey and sad. In the story quality perspective, it’s probably the most well written ending of them all but whether it is the best one to get in the moral sense is debatable at least.