Help on Doomsday on demand

I found all of the endings except #4. I tried alot of different choices and wind up 1-3 or 5&6 can someone please help me to see the fourth ending.

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What is number 4? I have played the story a few times. I might know how.

I dont know thats what Im trying to figure out. It seems know matter who I save/kill it still shows up as ending 1,2,3,5 or6

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Ok. I will take a look at it and see whats up.

Thank you any help would be appreciated.

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I found all the endings except No. 5. Can you tell me what it is?

So, the no. 4 ending is Alone. You fend for yourself on your own.
To get this ending, you need to be evil (I think) and have a low relationship with Lizzie and the guy. First, kill Ivan. There will be a fight between Lizzie and Ryan/Malcolm a few scenes after that. By this time, the third option will no longer be blank. Choose that option. KILL THEM BOTH.

For ending no. 5 toward the end when you have the choice between killing
lizzy or ivan. Kill lizzy then you have the option of killing the guy,
friend, or ivan. Pick shoot ivan. You wind up dead.

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Also thank you it was driving me nuts.

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You can do the same on neutral, too, I think (although how I ended up neutral after screwing Ryan over and mistreating Lizzie was beyond me).

A bit disappointing that special ending #5 is simply to end up dead, but the others are all satisfying to some extent, so I’ll roll with it.

What happens if I aim at ivan or lizzie

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If you shoot Lizzy then Ivan ( to prove your loyalty) will have a choice to shoot your friend or one of your cell mates. If you choose to shoot friend/cell mates you will become Ivans right hand. If you choose to try to shoot Ivan you die. If you try to shoot Ivan at the start you can escape with Lizzy or your cell mates. It has been since I read it so this reply is based on memory.

What the point of all those dreams ? Also is ending 2 the only way to help my friends ?I know what happen to my dad but my mom 0_0?

I’m not sure about the dreams but there are a few endings where you can save at least one of them. There is only one ending where you can save two (I don’t remember what number it is.) It’s where you save Ryan instead of malcom. To do that you have to kill Ivan and then Liz. If you make the right choices. When you do that you save your childhood friend and Ruan.

No… we can only save one… for every choice

No you cannot save both if you radio for help Ivan basically tells you to deal with it (if I remember right it hasbeen awhile since I read it)

Yep he tells you it’s only for if you are lost at night and basically tells you to go fuck yourself

I know this thread is old as heck, but the dreams are of the Wack (or slimer)s life leading up to them attacking you.