Doomsday On Demand [HELP, FIRST ENDING]

Hi guys, im going insane for like, 3 months, trying to get to the 1st ending, but for some reason i always end up getting the other endings. So i started searching through the web for a walkthrough or some kind of hint to get to the 1st, but found nothing. Can somebody please help me?

Which ending is the first?

The first ending is supposed to be the one where you live a rich life with The Dives.

Oh wait what ending is the one where you live in mountains after destroying the base of researchers

It’s ending 3 - Live peacefully with Lizzie after destroying the district. Do you know how to get the 1st one?

Don’t tell Ivan about the scientists. Don’t look through her bag when she is showering. Gotta kill Ivan then Ryan when him and Lizzie begin fighting.