Help Doomsday on Demand** (SPOILERS)

Is there an ending for Bradley/Abby or both of them? I feel really really bad for leaving them behind and I promised Bradley to get him out, leaving him a fake hope. and I’m already a cruel person to never think about Abby and her sufferings.

Oh seriously, can we live a happy ending where Ryan,Malcom,Lizzy,Abby, and Bradley are still alive?

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Thank you for playing the game, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Sadly, there no happy end like that. Also, there’s no ending that includes Bradley or Abbie ending up with you. Most of the cliffhangers(if not any), will be cleared in the second part, on which I’m working on :slight_smile:


Thank you mr.Myst on releasing part 2 of doomsday on demand i can’t wait to play it on thursday uhmm i have one question is it long story? I hope so