Dooms day on demand 2, good ending?

Is there a ending where I’m not ether a slave, a monster, or doing what ever Ivan wants? Is it so bad to want to end the game with Lilly?

I’m still waiting on the suicide ending ;p

I managed to save Lily and marry her, and have Lizzie alive as my mother figure.

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How did you end the game with both Lizzie and Lily??? I want to know please

You can’t romance Lizzie if thats what you mean. She’ll only be a mother figure for your character.

I know that but how do you get both of them with you at the end of the game?

i think @No_This_Is_Patrick already post the solution 3 posts above you :slight_smile:

I did those steps yesterday it just makes it so you lily and Keith live happily no Lizzie

No it does for Lizzie as well I just didn’t write what I did for that part.

What did you do? What are the steps?