Doomsday On Demand 2 Discussion

what about the part where i choose to blow the skinless? should i blow them up or leave them?

I don’t think it has an effect.Havent tried that, they didn’t attack me .

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I’m not sure I always blow them up and everything goes fine for me so do it to be safe I guess.

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what about the doors? there are general’s sacrifice, truth about Keith and Ivan’s… I’d hate to choose the wrong choice

No effect too ,just a flash back

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Thanks so much…

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That is great news… the universe of DOD really set up a foundation for multiple stories and spin-off in such a mesmerising Post-apocalyptic world , as i mention before Doomsday on Demand and Highway Wars are only 2 of the published HG/CoG which set in a post-apocalyptic world… and i think such setting has a huge potential among audience out there, for none HG/CoG title… there is of course the 7th and 8th continent , but i always feel those 2 games are lacking in the interactive fashion .

Well, if there is a DOD3, i do hope the protagonist has a choice to continue his journey with his chosen companion, for my case…Lily :slight_smile:

Or there can be a new protagonist who also live in the same universe with a different “mission”, perhaps trying to regain humanity like Eli in "The Book of Eli" ? or leading his own military faction trying to “unify” or “purify” other continents :wink:

Back to DOD2, i haven’t finish reading it yet…but i generally found that DOD2 is a massive upgrade as compare to the original DOD, the story and the pacing in DOD2 is much more intense …most importantly there is a potential romantic drama out there. It is strange that… even though the word counts are said to be 135k, which many readers will consider it “short” but i really feel that i had wander into a long and sorrow journey for a long long time… maybe perhaps i set my mind too deep into the post-apocalyptic world with my own imagination of the landscape and the world in there, it make me feel "lost myself " whenever i start reading it… and the scenario also make me start comparing it with the movie Maze Runner 2 when the protagonist start venturing into abandoning city fill with mutants .

Anyway, i really feel that the Doomsday on Demand universe has so much potential with lots of multiple story expansion … it will be great if you continue to write story of this universe :slight_smile:

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Did Lizzie die?

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I think so, even if i chose the background of staying with her… in the earlier chapter of DOD2, it was flashback that enemies were chasing us till a hilltop, Lizzie push me down after giving me a tearful embrace… she then turn back to face the enemy on her own… i would think she must had die :cry:

I really hope that there can be adventure between my MC with Lizzie, but perhaps the previous characters won’t fit in the current story ? I do have hope Lizzie will reappear in future , if there is DOD 3…

I don’t want there to be a third book at least for this character. My MC finally got his happy ending. Him, Lily, and Keith are finally happy. After his father dies, his mother abandons him twice, torture from Ivan physically and mentally, and his best friend Abbie dies(who died even though she was alive at the end if Book 1) he deserves to be happy.

If there is a third book I want it to be a new character someone older maybe instead of throwing new conflict and hardship at my finally happy MC.


That is a good suggestion as well … because DOD universe had been made, it is huge … there certainly can be other adventures by different protagonist .

Perhaps in DOD3 , we can choose a protagonist with different personalities and goals?

Like we can be a chosen one like Eli who want to rebuild faith and humanity , or we can choose to become someone like King Arthur who tries to rebuild a nation ? :slight_smile:

Anyway…i do hope i can meet with someone of Lizzie’s personalities or to be precise, Sarah Kerrigan’s personalities, who is willing to sacrifice anyone just to save the MC she loves :blush:

@Eric_knight @Urban

There is a way to end up with Lizzie if you have ended up with her in DoD, and make your decisions accordingly.

Also, please be advised, that there is currently a small bug regarding Abbie. After a specific choice her gender pronouns turn to male. A fix is on the way regarding this issue.

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Finished the game and liked it even more then first chapter. Mysticism in post-apocalyptic world was really refreshing and interesting aspect to me.

Though good ending for my MC (I chosed to just to leave during Oracle audience) doesn’t feel like happy ever after, just a brief before another storm. So if in next DoD current MC will remain MC, it will be great. He is too cool and I’m feeling too attached to him to play for someone else.

Though what is really saddens me that it seems impossible to save Ryan, and worst is circumstances of his death.

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Hey I loved the first doomsday on demand but I can’t find the second one. It’s not on the hosted games app


I’m glad you enjoyed DoD, I hope you’ll enjoy DoD2 as well.
It’s currently only out for Google Play Store yet. It’ll be out on other platforms as well, including Steam soon. I’ll create a thread with links to the various platforms when that happens.


Whens it out on COG/ steam? Cheers

I can only estimate its release date. I would say some time the following week. I’ll create a thread when it’s out on every platform.


It’s being held up by forces outside our control. :frowning:

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All I can say was if my character was female I’d name her Ves at this rate

God Ducking Fammit. This game is Tish. It’s the equivalent of trying to nail down a board with the hammer wedged firmly in your anus.

“why haven’t you left us it’s the free room and board right?” Keith says no you ignorant pigtruck I’m still here because every single suicide attempt has been thwarted . Jesus Christ