Doomsday On Demand - Out Now!

Thank you for playing the game, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I’m working on the second part for a while now, with about 50% of planned content already done. The story will continue based on your chosen ending, and the story will often be tailored by your choices in the first game. I’m not sure when I’ll finish, I have a very limited time to progress nowadays, but I’m working on it! :slight_smile:

Hi… i just want to say this is a great game/story… and the story is well written, i gone through some emotional choices till the end, i believe i made the best of choice for my protagonist, although it is a difficult one since i can only save one person to live with me happily ever after… i feel bad about not able to save more people, but i guess your idea is that nothing can be perfect , we must make difficult choice on who we are favour upon…

for me, i chose the choice to go with Lizzy, since i felt that she took great length and sacrifice to care for and help my character , i understand that she view me as her lost brother, but it was still admirable she did all the good things for me, including tricking the scientist to blow their own lab? and disabling all 3 factions in that district just so i can live a peaceful life with her …

I feel bad for not able to honour my words of taking care of Abbie, i actually had a hard choice on whether to go with Lizzy or went back to save Abbie, but the outcome of event force me to shoot Ryan if i want to save Lizzy… hence in the end, i didn’t have a choice to go back to the base to save Abbie with Lizzy…

i feel bad when imagining the condition of Abbie while waiting for both Ryan and me to go back for her… but at the same time i can’t let Ryan kill Lizzy…

It is a well written story non-the-less

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I had just read this… i hope i gain the choice of meeting Abbie again, but for my ending with Lizzy, the timeline was after 20 years right? so i can’t imagine how my choice will carry on in the sequel … but i will be looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for playing the game, and I’m happy you had fun!

Most of the things you’ve pointed out are correct, and it brought a smile on my face because you understood some “messages”.

The second part is going well, though I’m having a hard time implementing several things for all endings. It’ll take a considerably long time, especially with the time shortage I’m struggling with, but I will manage. It’ll be done eventually. :slight_smile:

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I’m new here and just wanted to say I love this game!
Looking forward to the next part but take all the time you need.
I’ve been thinking about trying to write my own story for a while and maybe this one has inspired me to finally begin.

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All the best to you :slight_smile:

and please take care while continuing your story :slight_smile:

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Hey man love your game! The story is rich and when you’re on the free version it makes you excited to play the next chapter. I was thinking if you responded that I would try to make a serious game about this, more like a roleplay where you could make your own character, run arkodios, scavenge for supply’s, be a worker for any base, or be a lone survivor, and I would make this were it’d be a really hard game to live in if your a scavenger, I would add all the mutants you encounter, the amount of time you could use a filter for, combat, npc’s, and more. I’m still trying to learn how to program, but this would be my first project if you let me. Problem is though is that it would take a long time.

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I’m bored as hell so why not start a discussion. I was pretty wierded out by the announcement of Doomsday on Demand 2 (I’m gonna call it DOD from now on). Cause the endings of the first DOD gave me that one and done vibe from the story. My theory is that if you chose Ryan you’ll either take him over (he went from democratic to dictator at the end) or support him and go back to the ways of Ivan. If you chose that old guy (the military guy don’t remember his name) You’ll have a choice of taking over the dimes district as your own, I don’t know what else. And I left the best for last. If you chose that scientist girl you’ll have to rebuild civilization because if you remember you basically bombed everything to shit at the end (AGAIN). By the way my memory is kinda blurry with DOD so forgive me if there is any inconsistencies in my theories for the next game.

I really do hope this isn’t a violation of the rules.


Well not sure how if the second game is a continuation or an entirely different story.But there are some incidents in the first game like the memory of someone else and the creature which reacted to the mc in an affectionate manner which was killed by the scientist girl.

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