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The Official Demo Of King Should Has Been Released To The Public This Week! Game Of Kings Demo| Thank You Guys For Showing Your Support For This Game! Also A Special Thanks Goes Out To @Myst For Coding The Game For Me. Also Go Check Out His Game The Apocalypse Is Where The Heart Is! Link For The Apocalypse Is Where The Heart Is! If You Have Any Suggestions Or See A Mistake I Made And Missed, Please Let Me Know In The Fourm Below And I’ll Get Back To You As Soon As I Can. Thank You!

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Medieval-ish story based political, fantasy advanture and anywhere in-between

Hungry-Burgara ?
You meant Hungary-Bulgaria right ? because the name feels kind of weird.
Hungry Kingdom. :smiley:


Some of the cities are in really different places than they are in our world. Is that intentional for story purposes? Dublin is on the opposite coast of Ireland for instance from where it is IRL.

Also sorry you got a bad taste in your mouth from getting flagged, but asking for coders is against the rules since most people on the forum fall more on the writer side of the spectrum. I assure you the community is generally pretty supportive and will probably want to play your demo once you post one.


Yup, In the real world Copenhagen is placed in Sjælland, and not in Jylland.


Why is oslo in southern sweden? Why does Norway rule sweden? You’ve switched several cities around.
I realise that it says alternate europe, but being ruled by the norwegians is just silly. :smiley:
Although a alternate europe seems very interesting, keep it up.


It is nice to have a map for some games like this, though I think you messed up the Germany part a bit :slight_smile:

First, Clonge is a city I have never heard of. Do you mean perhaps Cologne (Köln) ? Secondly, I don’t know which city Höghen is supposed to be °^^ Last, I think ‘Klauswitz’ is supposed to be ‘Auschwitz’. I am not sure if you really meant that city, though it is the only city I can think of which is somewhat similare to your name.


Budapest in Balkan ?
You are seriously going to need GOOD LORE FOR THIS


i hope you will continue to write, especially if its your passion ^^


Continue to write if it is your passion. Otherwise you’ll regret stopping.

On the coding front, ChoiceScript isn’t so hard to learn to use. You just have to make the effort to learn, and not be afraid to ask for help if you don’t understand.

I say that from personal experience. I, myself, just started coding a game. It’s hard, but as every other skill, it gets easier as you practice.


Yes. In this time line the eastern Roman Empire falls before the western Roman Empire so Roman power and influence is much more strong in this time line then in are time line. So cites are different then in are time line and Roman roads are still maintain by the Holy Roman Empire so trade and commerce is much more present in this time line than in our own and the Silk Road is established about 50-60 ish years before it was in our time line.


You might want to change the names of major cities to avoid these impressions of silliness or inaccuracy. (London might become Ludenwic, for example, or Dublin might become Breifne.) It would help hammer home the fact that this is a world with an alternate timeline. We might be a little less inclined to compare it with actual history.


To everyone who keeps asking me why kingdom names are different, cites in different place than are in real life, and why cites names are different. This is a book set in a alternate Europe in this alternate time line the western Roman Empire doesn’t fall first the eastern Roman Empire falls first and many historians have said if the western Roman Empire Didn’t fall first everything that the world would be very different than we know it today. This interactive novel is meant to play around with that idea. but if you guys want to see the map revamped I will set up a poll so people can vote. This post is in to reply @CaesarCzech, @Nekumura, @bullehulle1, @cascat07, and @Tactefor.


The Demo Build For Game Of Kings Was Released Today! Once again I can’t thank you all enough for the support! More updated versions of the demo build of Game Of Kings will be released soon!
This Message Was Brought To You By @Exodus_Effect.


So what’s with Russia? Or is it even there? Sorry if I’m prying too much , but what year would this be?


So ehmmm two things. First the name Hungry-Bulgara is realy bugging me considering that my ancestors were from Bulgaria, I suppose it was meant to be Hungary-Bulgaria.
Second Holy Roman Empire was in Germany and not Italy.


@Exodus_Effect Just one question what about The ottomans? And sweden?


I truly apologize and if you would like it changed to Bulgaria-Hungry than vote for new map in the poll up there and secondly in this alternate Europe the Holy Roman Empire is founded in Italy instead of Germany here’s why: in 476 C.E. The Eastern Roman is dissolved, Emperor Flavius Zeno Augustus is overthrown and beheaded after a Jewish & Turkish Revolt. Meanwhile in Rome Romulus Augustulus orders the dissolution of all legions, But the XLVI Legion, the XI Legion, and VII Praetorian Guard Legion. Which In total number 4,650 Archers, 6,000 Infantry, 2,800 Cavalry, 3,000 Elite Infantry, 2,325 Elite Archers, And 1,400 Elite Cavalry. Unfortunately for Romulus the Conspirators of the coup had caught wind of this military build up, had mustered their forces, and where now marching for Rome. There forces totaled 8,000 Archers, 10,000 Infantry, and 4,000 Cavalry.

Siege of Rome
October 27th 476 C.E.
The Army of Lord Högen Surrounds Rome.
A rider slips past Lord Högen’s Army.
October 28th 476 C.E.
The Army of Lord Calhue Reinforces Lord Högen’s Army.
A ship full of food docks in Rome.
It leaves being chased by a Ship of Lord Högen’s Army.
A naval blockade is set up around the Rome’s Port.
October 29th 476 C.E.
Lord Calhue Attacks the first wall.
The attack is Repelled.
A rider sneaks into the city with news that the XX Legion will arrive to reinforce Rome on the 8th of November.
October 30th
Lord Högen Starts a Artillery barrage on the city.
A Second attack on the first wall starts.
The Attack is Reppelled, But defenders are forced to pull back to the second wall.
October 31st
No fighting happens due to the fact both sides are recovering from the attack on the first wall.
November 1st
The defenders launch a counter attack to retake the first wall and in process destroying one of lord Högen’s supply dumps but they suffer Heavy casualties.
November 2nd
Lord Högen’s Army Launches a flaking move to force the defending forces flank back and hopefully cause a retreat to the second wall.
The attack fails and Lord Högen’s army falls back.
November 3rd
Due to a lack of food after the supply dump was destroyed. Lord Calhue’s Army leaves to forage for food.
November 4th
Lord Calhue is alerted to the incoming XX Legion when a foraging party saw the Legion, he orders a party to alert Lord Högen and he orders his men to start raiding farms nearby for food so they can return to reinforce the siege once again.
November 5th
The message arrives and it’s very alarming to lord Högen, in reaction to this news he orders a massive all out attack on first wall.
Caught completely of guard, those defending the first wall run and don’t offer much resistance. But the Commander of the attack got a little to cocky and attacked the second wall which caused massive casualties.
Also lord Calhue and his army return.
November 6th
Another massive attack is launched at dawn.
Second wall defense crumbled into a complete rout.
Rout is stoped and defending forces rallied by Legionary Lernzo Duchbaige.
Second wall not retaken, but heavy casualties inflicted on attacking forces.
November 7th
Defense line pushed back into port area.
Defending forces put up stiff resistance in the dock area.
Defending forces in dock area put up a heroic defense to last man and charged into German troops, well yelling “for Nova Roma!!” and banging there swords off their shields.
November 8th
In a last ditch effort to hold out for reinforcements, a full on cavalry charge is ordered and it is successful it catches the Germans completely of guard driving them back to the second wall. The Romans put everything they have on the wall and Germans attacked it with everything they have. It looked like the Germans where going to win. But at the last minute the XX Legion and defeats the German army.
November 9th
Emperor Romulus officially changes the western Roman Empire’s name to the Holy Roman Empire, announces that Catholicism is the Offical religion of the Holy Roman Empire, and Hangs Lord Högen & Calhue for treason.

Oh and @CaesarCzech here’s your lore. After spending four hours writing the lore you see above. I’ll put Budapest in Antarctica for all I care. XD😅


@GloriaRose & @John_Hale
They are not currently on the map because I’m going to put a poll up to see if people want the Kingdom of Novgorod where Russia would be or if they want the Kingdom of Rus or the Holy Russian Orthodox Empire and where the ottomans would be, the choices are Tunis Caliphate, Yuean Empire, or the Persian empire.


Ok I’ll keep that in mind


I have voted in the poll.

Major dwellings tend to be created near rivers. I would change some names completely and others not at all. Don’t change the locations though.

Changing names a little just looks like bad spelling rather than the intended alternate world spelling.