A Kings Life Part 1 (Please try)

Ill post game when I figure ot how to put up files on here…


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Or is There a place like dropbox you dont have to download

HA first one(thats not the author) to post a comment. Oh and i look forward to seeing how your game works out.


I will try it out :slight_smile:

me to

Kings life…I want to beheaded or grow any army or be a called bloodthirtsy by everyone else so me to

Ill try it

I will try it too, if you are giving out samples.

I want to try…where’s the link

i would like to try as well sounds interesting :-?

im already a king as you can see but i will still play

id like to try it, unless you mean your looking for beta testers

Id like to play…

I’ll be here waiting for the link to the game to be posted.

Okay I found a place to post it. Its short and my first work. I will. Make a remake with stats AND *drumroll* gender choice,kingdom names,your name,and …COOKIES

Nevermind dropbox cant be downloaded on kindle. I have the game done but no way to share it whatsoever


Trolololol those kindles…

@Talon5505 Try webs.com. There’s a seven way wait to upload html files (IIRC), but it’s entirely browser based, so it should work with pretty much anything.