The Court


The Court is the title of the game I am currently writing. It’s about a magic realm ruled by a mad king with a maybe 17thish century culture. I already have maybe 13000 words.

I am currently trying to find a place to upload it. I’ve created a site. If you have any advice please help.
As soon as I figure it out I will put up a demo.
Also, I’m concerned with the fact that the game currently contains quotes (ex Thy dreams shall be prophets). Is that okay? Should I kind of keep away from that kind of thing, or does it really matter.


If webs dosent work, try dropbox. On the quotes thing, I don’t think it’s legal if you plan on marketing under hosted games, but if it stays on the web I think you’ll be perfectly fine.


It depends on what quotes are you using; lots of games contain references to other games/movies/stories, just because it’s fun discovering them. I don’t think that’d be a problem in your case. And about putting up a demo, follow these steps for Dropbox:

  1. Go on the Dropbox website.

  2. Click on the giant “Download Dropbox” button.

  3. Wait until Dropbox downloads, and then install it; it will prompt you sometime during the install to select a folder for Dropbox; select it wherever you want as there will be the place you will upload your game later.

  4. After you’ve installed Dropbox, go back on their website and register (i.e. make an account).

  5. After you’ve made an account and activated it, start Dropbox (the program you installed).

  6. On the bottom right of your screen, you will see a Dropbox icon; right click it and click Preferences.

  7. A window will pop up with several categories at the top of it. Click the menu “Account”.

  8. Here you can link your dropbox account to your PC; link it.

  9. Then, all you need to do is navigate to the Dropbox folder you made during the installation; you can double-click on the Dropbox icon in the bottom right and it will open your Dropbox folder.

  10. Now, inside the Dropbox folder, you have a folder called “Public”. Enter that folder.

  11. Then, put your game’s “web” folder there (in the Public folder). Wait until it uploads it and then go to your “web” folder inside the “Dropbox” folder.

  12. Right-click either of your index.html files > Dropbox > Copy public link.

  13. Then, all you need to do is paste (Ctrl + V) and the link to your game will be pasted, and everyone that enters the link will be able to play the game.


Wow. I think I’m in love with dropbox. Way easier to use. Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll keep the quotes in for now. I can always replace it pretty easily. They’re all by old guys who died over a century ago anyways; I don’t think anyone is coming after me with court (heh court) papers.

Well. Here it is.

It’s going to be very buggy, trust me. If you happen to be insane and want to play it anyway, well, tell me if you come across anything. If you want to skip the buggy parts always use the first option. I’m pretty sure it’ll go through till the end of what I have done. Pretty sure that is.

It’s so pre-beta it’s gamma, basically. All I’m doing now is copying down parts that are already written. Apparently in a very incorrect way because the game is very finicky. All these issues will be addressed once I finished converting what content I have done. I also started out not knowing what *page_break was so prepare for one option choices. Again, trust me, it will be fixed. I suspect I’m be done this part by Sunday maybe, and then I can start really fixing what I’ve already got (though I’ll try to fix any errors people may come across. Get ready for improper indentation or falling out of a choice!).

So that’s everything. Oh, I might as well mention this started on if you by chance want to play what is finished there it’s at .


Well, that was interesting. I think an opening a tad more grounded in reality would serve the story well, it could use a bit of exposition. The stats don’t seem to serve any purpose at all, and there seems to be a startling lack of choice, which I believe stems from it being a chooseyourstory game originally. I was never fond of the chooseyourstory format myself, it’s far too railroading for my tastes. But the writing is quite good, gets across the surreal feel to it.


Found an error on line 27.

I gotta agree with 13ventrm so far. Other than that, one or two grammar errors, but I don’t recall any obvious spelling errors.


I choose to smile at the girl and got "Line 27 it is illegal to fail out of a *choice statement; you must goto or *finish before the end of the intended block.


What the flaming hell did I just read?

“…so he decreed that all doors be hung and then burned.” - Hanged. I hung my coat, I hanged the man. That’s all I can think to comment at the moment.


is it me or does that “king” guy reminded you of sheogorath?


Glad I’m not the only one who saw the resemblance.


You die t the jewler for all the options?


@Drazen And… My work here is done :wink:
@Mardam I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask…

Yah, it was partially inspired by Sheogorath, but really the only similarities between the two is the whole mad king thing.

Some of the errors should be fixed and I believe I’ve finished with the content from the original game. I’m a bit busy now but on Tuesday or Wenesday I’ll probably start the next parts, or maybe go over what I have and put in a few more choices (I know its pretty limited).


I die at te jewler no matter what option I take


Ah. No, that’s simply the end of what I’ve uploaded so far. I’ve finished the Jeweler right now. I’ve started writing next part now. I’ll update the files after I’ve got it working.

I’ve got a question. I’m trying to implement a custom name. How exactly does it work? I’ve got the input working but how do I put it in mygame.js?


@Trywm You just need to define your name variables as a “string” (i.e. text data type, signified by using quote marks) in mygame.js, e.g.

,first_name: “none”
,last_name: “none”

Then in your scene scripting use them like so:

*input_text first_name
*input_text last_name

Which will save the player-typed information into the variable of that name (in this case, overwriting “none”), so you can use it in your story like so:

“Hey, ${first_name}, how’s it hangin’?”

“Would Mr. ${last_name} please report to the manager’s office.”


I feel like this game could do with a few more choices and consequences.
Since most of the game right now seems to centre around getting your character, quite literally, outfitted add some more choices for the outfit at the various stops. Also putting in a few little consequences would be nice, for example have a slightly different description of some scenes if your character is still barefoot (the barber scene comes to mind here), versus already having picked up the boots. Other than that this seems like a highly original effort and it certainly has the potential most for some awesome costume porn, and that certainly is something that hasn’t been done on COG yet and would seem to tie in nicely with the whole deadly, decadent court thing you seem to have going here.


@idontlikeusernamrdi I heard a rumor you love usernames, is it true?


Okay. A few choices added, an intro thing, bugs fixed, that sorta thing. I am officially completely done with all the stuff I’ve already written. I’ve started on the next part.

I know I’m partial to the whole ‘wall of text’ thing, but it’ll be fixed later. I’ve done a bit to address it now, adding page breaks and choices (as already mentioned).

Please tell me what you think or if you come across any errors because I’m a lazy sob and I don’t know how to autotest. If anyone can explain, please do so, because I would very much like for my game to actually work.

Any criticisms or (preferably ) compliments or advice/suggestions will be appreciated very much.

@Mardam I’ve heard the same. The public demands an answer!


I got an error when choosing gray eyes:
line 42: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "gray


I like it. I want to see more then just being led along and choosing my weapons and clothing however. More. It reads well but I am trying so hard to find out whats happening I gave myself a headache. But good story, Good writing. Keep it up!