The Age of Sail - Beta Test - Feedback Welcome!


Oh by the way I forgot to mention above that latter on I am going to give you the option to go rogue and become a pirate yourself. hehe…mutiny…hehe


Well, I wanna know if you plan to get some mystical sea creatures in? Or famous pirates / historical figures? That may be cool?


Love the idea of sea creatures going to put that in somewhere


Finally got around to it and played Age of Sails. Lol it felt a lot like CoB. :stuck_out_tongue: Your sentences could use some re-wording. :slight_smile: I was hoping Age of Sail was more of a Pirate game… Haha… but good job so far man… hope you change it up more! Make it unique! :wink: I enjoied it! You got my support!


Add Victory tiltes like Baron or Earl of West Indies. Can post such governer of port royal.


Yup, beginning definitely needs to be redone. I will give it a try again once that’s changed; as is I couldn’t really get past it. I like this genre though, so if you can do something more original I will be all for it!


Same problem as


Sorry, tried to copy the name, it gave me the Link.