Choice of Broadsides 2?


I was just thinking if there is a chance of there being a Choice of Broadsides 2. Any ideas anyone?


I don’t believe so, it had a pretty conclusive ending. Even if they do plan one, I imagine it’ll be a good while yet before we see it.


Make a modern version? Like with battle ships and stuff like tha?


It could go either way, It ended on you being 30 years old that’s fairly young I suppose but on the other hand it did tell you about your life after the game


Battleships are like… 60-70 years ago… As in, that’s when they stopped being relevant.


destroyer’s then.


now it would be aircraft carriers. so how about it jason? a new modern choiceof broadsides 2 would be a big hit.


Any CoG is going to be a big hit.
I just want one.


Course that would also make the name completely inappropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Shoelip: I’m thinking Choice of the Maverick.

“You think about your options.
#Show up tomorrow and graduate with your Top Gun class.
#Quit. There’d be no disgrace. That spin was hell, it would’ve shook me up.”


@Shoelip i agree entirely


Sounds good


They could make “Choice Of Broadsides 2” start with you becoming an Admiral (where Choice Of Broadsides ended) it could be sort of like Chocie Of Vampires 2 where you enter a save code, I really don’t know what the story will be in it, maybe it’ll be modern? They could even make a complete alternate version that revolves around the military instead of the navy.


The Aubrey-Maturin naval series by Patrick O’Brian that Choice of Broadsides is loosely inspired by ran to 20 novels. I figure they could find some material if they wanted to. But CoB is so nicely self-contained, I don’t actually think they should. Not every game needs a sequel.

If they really did do an alternate or modern story – Choice of the Infantry, Choice of “Top Gun” – why link it to Broadsides?


I think a game where you play as a soldier in WW2 would be fun. Although you could just start as the son of your old charachter for CoB 2.


I think if you were to link it to Broadsides you would have to continue as one of there ancestors a son/daughter or a grandchild .


Thay would be pretty cool.