CoG History: early game ideas

In 2010, there was a poll for ideas for the next Choice of Game. It’s really interesting to look back on it now, 11 years later. Almost all of these ideas have become reality in either Choice of Games or Hosted Games.

I feel like lot of the earliest Choice of Games were essentially genre distillations/pastiches, which is reflected in the ideas in this poll. There’s a lot more variety and depth now. But some of these ideas, like Choice of the President, Choice of the Hunted, and the sequels, still have not come to fruition. I would enjoy something like Choice of the Hunted (probably impossible but it would be interesting as an adjunct to the World of Darkness…)


Wow, thank you for the blast from the past. I was little at the time so had no idea about the poll, but it’s amazing seeing how far everything has come since then. :smile:


This was indeed quite fascinating! Especially to see how even really specific suggestions have already happened, and how some have many times over.


thanks for posting this!

I would friggin’ love to see a Choice of the Politician game.

I would like to see “Choice of the President” or “Choice of the Politician” like you.


Some of those are uncomfortably close to some of my own game-idea notes… :sweat_smile:

Every game idea has been done before, it’s all in how you execute it!